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Rocky Patel Evolution Reviews

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Rocky Patel Evolution Toro Rounds
"Problems with my Last order"
I ordered Rocky Patel Evolutions and got a great deal, I thought. They taste great but, I have smoked 20 of them so far however 8 of these cigars either would not draw. and/or burned unevenly. I have never had these problems with the other lines made by Patel. Needless to say, I am quite disappointed.
Jim Sherburne in 1550 clark,ypsilanti, mi #220 June 30, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Forty Six
"Tasty Cigar Smooth"
Smooth light cigar; tasty; relatively quick burn; easy draw and great with red wine.
Jim Sherburne in 1550 clark,ypsilanti, mi #220 June 30, 2013 June 22, 2013
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Great, But not the best."
I haven t smoked many cigars but this is #2 on my list of favorites. The draw was easy and the taste Evolved with time. pun intended my only complaint is that the burn was uneven.
Dean in Deer Falls, Minnesota May 15, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Torpedo
"Another Superb Rocky!!"
I bought one of these from a local shop just to try it and wow was I impressed! It starts with a spicy start,but as it burns it turns in to a well rounded, medium body smoke that left a pleasant almost leathery taste. This cigar was one I couldn't put down! The burn was consistent throughout and the taste was spectacular! If you've never had a Rocky or even have for that matter, you should add this to your humidor.
Ed in Tracy,CA May 8, 2013
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Good when it would stay lit"
I could not keep this cigar lit. It would go out very fast or burn uneven. When I did keep it lit, it gave good, thick smoke. The burn made it very annoying though.
Aaron April 22, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Forty Six
"Not a pleasant smoke"
The flavor is nonexistent. I tried this cigar because I was so impressed by the Zen by Nish I though I'd try other lines. Big disappointment.
Ipyramus in Midwest April 2, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Robusto 5 Pack
"bad bad bad"
RP should be ashamed to have released these sticks, uneven burn, poor draw and harsh taste. I wouldn't burn these in my fireplace. Fist time Rocky disappointed.....
Scott in DC March 5, 2013
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Fairly Good Smoke But It Had Some Drawbacks"
After having read the reviews for this cigar, I had high hopes for the stick. While it had great draw, appearance, taste, and construction it was found wanting in the burn and consistency. I was forced to touch up the burn on several occasions. It produced a very lopsided burn. Maybe a month or so in the humi will make a difference. Overall I am satisfied and will give this another try.
Rob in San Diego, CA February 10, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Toro
"Great smoke!"
Got a box of 10 ( the natural) and really did not know what to expect. It is a well constructed cigar and I felt it smoked well. Upon lighting, the first 1/2" was a bit uneventful ( as most cigars are). However, as I smoked it further, the flavours arrived in spades ( creamy / notes of chocolate and earth with a slightly sweet finish). Also became more complex in flavour as I smoked it further. I absolutely loved this cigar and would recommend this highly ( for both flavour and pricepoint value)and will definately purchase more. A definate 8.5 - 9 in my book.
Mit in Denver Colorado January 28, 2013
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
Tried the cigar after getting it in a gifted bundle. Good looking cigar, but all downhill after that. The draw went from near insane quick to non-existent within 10 minutes. Didn't burn evenly at all. Had to relight 3 times.
Travis August 21, 2012
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