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Rocky Patel Evolution Reviews

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Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
WHAT were these guys smoking before they lit up the EVOLUTION ?!!! This is a GOOD cigar. Yes, it has burn problems, but so did the OLIVA O Maduro Robusto I smoked a day or two after really enjoying not one but two EVOLUTIONS. I wanted to be sure, so I burned that second one with consistent notes. And then I had the Oliva, an iconic smoke, standard as the day is long, to validate my impressions. Of course they're different. The Oliva's got that mellow/sweet coffee-esque Connecticut Maduro wrapper, while the Rocky sports a down-home Pennsylvania Maduro (should be labeled Oscuro, I'd say). But both subsist on nice Nicaraguan fillers, so I figured it was a fair match. Now the EVO's got a crisp clean quality about it that I personally find very appealing. And that lovely box-press is something to behold. The fiver I received was No-Cello. I love that. Like the old days. EVOLUTION Maduro is a good anytime smoke with this heart of white pepper thing going on, encompassed by a pleasant cedary spice from the Penna. leaf. No, it's not as cerebral, complex and rich as the Oliva, but it's very tasty in its own right, without all the fanfare, bells and whistles. A good clean go-to smoke in my book and an excellent value. You have a torch-lighter, don't you? What do you think it's for? A few quick touch ups here and there and you will enjoy a very satisfying smoke. BTW in case you were wondering, there are a few popular RP blends that I have no use for. This isn't one of them. This is a GOOD cigar. HINT: Smoke them while relaxing on your porch, NOT while crouching in a duck blind.
RKO281 in HOLLYWOOD, CA August 21, 2012
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
Taste was ok, but it has a horrible draw. I had to relight this 3 times before I finally gave up
Town in Minneapolis June 7, 2012
Rocky Patel Evolution Lancero
"A fighter"
Great aroma and outside construction. Thick, rich smoke. However, it refuses to stay lit. Tunnels and goes out constantly. It fights tooth and nail and ruins the experience. Love lanceros, but not this one.
Jon June 2, 2012
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Looks Can Be Deceiving"
Very good looking stick, and that's about it. Flavor is just ok, when you can g ... more Very good looking stick, and that's about it. Flavor is just ok, when you can get a draw from it and even more so keeping it lit. Very poorly constructed stick. I was actually looking forward to spending some time puffing on a RP tonight.
Garron in Korea May 30, 2012
Rocky Patel Evolution Toro Rounds
"Good looking cigar"
I finally got around to lighting up one of these puppys, Like I said they look pretty good to me but then again I'm a sucker for the darker cigars. I find them to be medium bodied and full flavored and a bit sweeters than expected and I have no complants at all. More than likly to buy more if and when the price is right, I can't really say much for the consistency of them cause I only smoked one so far however I'll bet the rest are just as good or even better with a visit to the humidor for a while.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (Rez) May 25, 2012
Rocky Patel Evolution Toro
"Overpriced, but a good smoke in the 2-3$ range"
The advertisement is that it is a full flavored cigar. I feel this is untrue. This is a one dimensional smoke through and through, with the exact same flavor profile you would expect to find out of your standard yardgar. A little cedar with a touch of sweetness, a little peppery zing, creamy...not bad, but that's all it ever was. It's one of those smokes that you would hear someone say, you know, "it just had a nice crisp tobacco taste." At 2.00 a stick, which is what I got them for, its a great value. Anything over 3.00 and your paying too much. Give it a shot, just pay the right price. Not bad, but don't spend 4-5$ for a 1-2$ cigar.
Omar in Diamond Bar May 16, 2012
Rocky Patel Evolution Lancero
"Good flavor, way too loose"
I bought a box of these based on the high quality patel cigars I've had in the past. The flavor is exceptional, but it's so loose the cigar tunnels, which I'd never had happen on a lancero before. It's a shame, this would have been a great value otherwise.
Daniel B in York County, PA May 3, 2012
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"more like de-evolution"
This cigar had the worst draw of any brand I have ever smoked. Canoed on two different sticks. Burning issues about halfway through. Flavor was ok, but all the lighting and touching up ruined it for me.
Dewayne in Arkansas January 25, 2012
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Took this one duck hunting"
Thinking that a rocky p would pair nicely with a fun filled day with the guys. Oh how wrong I was. The stick would not stay lit for more than a few minutes. Everytime a group of mallards would come in and I had to set-er-down, the stick would go out. Finally threw it away. Rocky, if you evolve into this im going to have to adapt and find another cigar.
Slimjim in Little Rock AR January 3, 2012
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
Seemingly fine cigar,but then... I lit it. Earthy and potent to start. Couldn't keep it lit. BIG void halfway through ON EVERY ONE. Poorly constructed and one dimensional. Won't be wasting any more time or money on these.
Paul S in Norman,OK December 9, 2011
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