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Rocky Patel Evolution Toro Reviews [view details]

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"A Very Good Cigar"
I recieved this cigar in a sampler. I will say that it burns well. It has depth in how subtle its flavor is. Give it time and it will rally develop into a very good cigar. Its construction is superior to other brands that I have tried. I watched all but the final 20 minutes of All the President s Men while smoking this cigar. I will buy more in the future.
Matt in Bella Vista, Arkansas June 22, 2014
"Just Not Good"
Others wrote that it is a well-constructed cigar. That is true. But the draw is the thing. It has way too hard a draw to be a decent smoke. Cutting them in half and using the draw poker didn't help. Pass on these.
Jeff in August 27, 2013
"Great smoke!"
Got a box of 10 ( the natural) and really did not know what to expect. It is a well constructed cigar and I felt it smoked well. Upon lighting, the first 1/2" was a bit uneventful ( as most cigars are). However, as I smoked it further, the flavours arrived in spades ( creamy / notes of chocolate and earth with a slightly sweet finish). Also became more complex in flavour as I smoked it further. I absolutely loved this cigar and would recommend this highly ( for both flavour and pricepoint value)and will definately purchase more. A definate 8.5 - 9 in my book.
Mit in Denver Colorado January 28, 2013
"Overpriced, but a good smoke in the 2-3$ range"
The advertisement is that it is a full flavored cigar. I feel this is untrue. This is a one dimensional smoke through and through, with the exact same flavor profile you would expect to find out of your standard yardgar. A little cedar with a touch of sweetness, a little peppery zing, creamy...not bad, but that's all it ever was. It's one of those smokes that you would hear someone say, you know, "it just had a nice crisp tobacco taste." At 2.00 a stick, which is what I got them for, its a great value. Anything over 3.00 and your paying too much. Give it a shot, just pay the right price. Not bad, but don't spend 4-5$ for a 1-2$ cigar.
Omar in Diamond Bar May 16, 2012
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