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Rocky Patel Evolution Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Won't buy this one again"
I bought two boxes because there was a special deal. First, the cigars were square-shaped, and not round. The burn was uneven and nearly 100% of them in both boxes burned - from first one out of the box to the last. Too much maintenance to enjoy. A handful also had extremely hard draw. I thought Rocky Patel was supposed to be a reputable brand with fairly high quality and standards. Major disappointment with this purchase - I probably will stay away from this brand from now.
Phillip K in Los Angeles, CA January 30, 2014
"Another Superb Rocky!!"
I bought one of these from a local shop just to try it and wow was I impressed! It starts with a spicy start,but as it burns it turns in to a well rounded, medium body smoke that left a pleasant almost leathery taste. This cigar was one I couldn't put down! The burn was consistent throughout and the taste was spectacular! If you've never had a Rocky or even have for that matter, you should add this to your humidor.
Ed in Tracy,CA May 8, 2013
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