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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Reviews

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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
Bought some on a Christmas special was hooked immediately, quickly bought 26 more. Spicy, chocolate flavor right to the nub. Prefer it to some of my more expensive brands in my Humidor!!!!!!
Joe in Northern California January 8, 2015
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
"Not That Good"
Overall poor cigar. Don't base your impression of Rocky Patel s cigars on this one, some of his other lines are much better. There is no flavor or character to this stick
Todd in Southern California January 6, 2015
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Torpedo
"Nice but NOT torpedo sized!"
Rocky Patel makes some nice cigars. Probably the price is low because these are not torpedo sized but are a full inch shorter. Torpedos are 5.5 to 6.5 . These are 4.5 . That isn t good and when I order a torpedo i know I am going to lose almost a half inch for the cut. This means that these are closer to 4 available to smoke. When I order a torpedo I expect the size to be torpedo sized and that isn t good. You are going to smoke these quickly because they are so small. I rate the construction low because of the misleading size.
Jeff in Santa Clarita, Ca. August 7, 2014
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro
"Not Vintage quality, but got it done on the course"
I saw a couple reviews comparing this to Rocky Vintage. Not fair. This isn't in that category. I smoked this on the back nine while golfing. It was a rather smooth smoke, and had pretty good flavors, but continually had burn and draw issues. I had to relight a few times and it wasn't due to negligence on my part. Had a tight draw and inconsistent burn. Started off well, but gradually worsened to the end. For the price, overall not bad, especially for an outdoor golf outing.
Mark in Maryland March 25, 2013
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro
"Terrible construction"
These cigars fell apart one way or the other. Too many runners if it didn't completely disintegrate just out of the wrapper. Never again.
J. Richey in Jacksonville, FL March 1, 2013
Rocky Patel Honduran Lonsdale
"I really like these!"
I've smoked a number of these and have really enjoyed every one. I've tried the Robusto and Torpedo sizes and they have all been great. I love the flavor ... I've read others describe "notes of floral" and wondered what they meant. The RP Honduran Natural flavor makes me think of this, plus a hint of spicy-ness/peppery-ness that comes and goes. Burn? Consistency? Draw? Appearance? Taste? Construction? This one rates well on all fronts from my experiences. Plus, it's affordable to boot.
Rudy in Wisconsin February 24, 2013
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
I was so excited to try my first RP! What a let down. The flavor of this stick was great, with deep rich peppery notes that no other cigar has for me yet. However, the uneven burn and obscene tunneling left me relighting this over and over. After it went out a fourth time I cut it up to see the problem, and it tunneled up two inches. Still love the heavy/full flavor but not worth the anguish.
Jason W. in Grants Pass, Oregon December 28, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro
"Rocky's Worst"
I love every RP I ever had until this one. Maybe I need to let it age. Taste was bland and dirty. Hard to keep lit. Had a good draw and felt solid. Bottom line - RP are awesome, just not this one.
Phil in Gainesville December 15, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
"Construction Issues Ruined It"
I received two of these as part of a sampler. Smoked the first one after a week; it tunneled so badly I ended up tossing it. Smoked the second one tonight figuring that over a month in the humidor would have helped it. Nope, same problems - it needs constant relighting or it either tunnels or goes out completely. The flavor is decent, but due to the construction issues I will buy no more of these. I've had better made cigars at half the cost. I expect better from a Rocky Patel.
James in Louisiana December 10, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Lancero 5 Pack
"not to bad"
good overall smoke....first few puffs are a little ruff, but build in flavor as you go. mine didnt burn to well, i would suggest letting them age in a humi for a couple weeks.
aaron in cincinnati September 12, 2012
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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