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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Reviews

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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Lancero
"Great Cigar for the price"
If you are looking for a strong, full flavored cigar, look no further. this is consistently well made, and has a kick that is great after a big steak dinner, or rack of lamb. Light it up, and take a nice long pull on that bourbon you just poured. Not a fancy pants smoke, but really gets the job done and develops into some nice flavors as you smoke it.
Phil in Dallas August 19, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Lancero
Been smoking them for a while and like them very much. I find them well made and tastey in fact I'm gonna cut this short and smoke one buy.
grefal in fla July 1, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro
"Too many touch ups"
Great powerful smoke. But it needed to be touched up and smoked often just keep the thing burning. It goes out far too easily. If you want a nice rich tobacco cigar. One that makes you feel manly this is it. But keep a full table top lighter close by because you're going to constantly be touching up the horridly canoeing line and relighting the thing. I'll pass on these
Ian in Columbus,OH June 3, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
"Pretty Good"
Pretty good cigar, but you could find better from Rocky in the same price range. The draw was amazing, but the burn was hard to keep even.
Mike in Reno May 11, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro
"You Gotta Be Kidding"
Got these in a 5 pack sampler - Thank God. They have a nice draw - because they are only half filled with tobacco. They are packed the way you expect a 50 cent cigar to be. The color is dark and rich and artificial looking. The taste was certainly way below par and I had to touch it up every couple of minutes. I like to smoke my cigars as far down as possible and a good cigar will not get bitter, maintain a good degree of flavor and hold together. This was I threw out when it got down to 1.5 to 2 inches. It had gotten sooo hot and soggy I was disgusted with it. Don't waste your money.
Larry in CC Indiana April 22, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Torpedo
"Better with age"
I smoked one as soon as they arrived. Not bad but nothing to write back home about. Two months later I fire up another. This cigar really came alive. They'll be in my box from now on.
Mike in Needville April 14, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Lancero
I will smoke maybe two cigars in a day, but this one leaves me well satisfied at only one. Smells good, burns even, easy draw, a bit potent. Outstanding!
Frank in Maryland March 7, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto
"My Fav!!"
I must say I just love this cigar! I have yet to have had a bad one, great burn, great ash and that wonderful Honduran flavor. I think this is Rocky Patel's best kept secret!
MStewart in TX January 24, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Torpedo
If you do not try these, you have lost out. They get better with age. I will continue to keep these in my rotation.
Dennie L in Munfordville, Ky January 24, 2012
Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Double Corona 5 Pack
very bad draw and not consistent taste.
Charles P in Bakersfield January 14, 2012
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