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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Not That Good"
Overall poor cigar. Don't base your impression of Rocky Patel s cigars on this one, some of his other lines are much better. There is no flavor or character to this stick
Todd in Southern California January 6, 2015
"My Fav!!"
I must say I just love this cigar! I have yet to have had a bad one, great burn, great ash and that wonderful Honduran flavor. I think this is Rocky Patel's best kept secret!
MStewart in TX January 24, 2012
"Maybe I smoked a bad one"
The first ten minutes in it smoked great. The flavor was amazing and the draw was perfect. Then all of the sudden it went out. I lit it up again... and again, and again. The burn was horrible. Impossible to smoke. What a shame.
Chris in New Jersey October 10, 2011
I'm smoking my fifth and final as I write this. Each has had inconsistent burns, tunneling, and goes out frequently. Hard to taste as you relight so often. I am a Rocky Patel fan, but this one will never again see my humidor.
Robert C in Decorah, IA October 6, 2011
"Great Flavor, Great Burn, Perfect ash"
This Cigar is well worth the Investment. Try them and be Impressed. They could become a regular for my Humidor.
Dennie in Munfordville , Ky September 14, 2011
"Impossible to smoke"
This isn't a bad tasting smoke if you can keep it lit. After re-lighting the cigar for the 10th time, I gave up. My smokes are kept in ideal conditions yet this cigar was very difficult to draw from.
Carmine in New Jersey August 12, 2011
"One of my favorites"
I came across these serving in Iraq, and they have become my favorite "stock" cigar. A nice balance of strength and flavor, I have ordered several boxes over the years - am split between these and the 92 Vintage as to which is my favorite, but I always find myself wishing I had bought a box of Honduran classic than whatever else I bought on a whim because of a sale.
Greg in Hayama Japan January 31, 2011
"Not one of Rocky's Best"
Got one of these in a sampler and was largely disappointed. I am usually a fan of RP sticks but this one does not make the grade. The first inch came with some nice licorice flavor but after that disappeared nothing much followed. The draw was extremely tight and the burn was as bad as I have ever seen. Even when the cigar opened up half way through, any sort of flavor was hard to pick out.
Jason in Duluth, GA January 15, 2011
"Pleasantly suprized, nice draw"
Nice tasting smoke with a good draw,have to get used to the shape
Richard in Camarillo , Ca January 13, 2011
"No Thanks"
This has been in my humi for a little while now and I finally smoked it last night. Disappointed. First light it tasted great, I was excited. Soon after it got real bland, and the rest of it tasted like burnt wood. My friend came outside and said it smelled like crap. I thought the bouquet was pretty good, earthy with notes of chocolate. But the taste was crap. I am a huge RP fan so this was disappointing. Wont be buying again.
Doug in Pittsburgh October 7, 2010
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10 Burn (74) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (78) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (83) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (90) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (82) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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