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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Terrible construction"
These cigars fell apart one way or the other. Too many runners if it didn't completely disintegrate just out of the wrapper. Never again.
J. Richey in Jacksonville, FL March 1, 2013
"Rocky's Worst"
I love every RP I ever had until this one. Maybe I need to let it age. Taste was bland and dirty. Hard to keep lit. Had a good draw and felt solid. Bottom line - RP are awesome, just not this one.
Phil in Gainesville December 15, 2012
"Too many touch ups"
Great powerful smoke. But it needed to be touched up and smoked often just keep the thing burning. It goes out far too easily. If you want a nice rich tobacco cigar. One that makes you feel manly this is it. But keep a full table top lighter close by because you're going to constantly be touching up the horridly canoeing line and relighting the thing. I'll pass on these
Ian in Columbus,OH June 3, 2012
"You Gotta Be Kidding"
Got these in a 5 pack sampler - Thank God. They have a nice draw - because they are only half filled with tobacco. They are packed the way you expect a 50 cent cigar to be. The color is dark and rich and artificial looking. The taste was certainly way below par and I had to touch it up every couple of minutes. I like to smoke my cigars as far down as possible and a good cigar will not get bitter, maintain a good degree of flavor and hold together. This was I threw out when it got down to 1.5 to 2 inches. It had gotten sooo hot and soggy I was disgusted with it. Don't waste your money.
Larry in CC Indiana April 22, 2012
BOB in OHIO June 9, 2010
"Excellent Cigar"
I used to think that the Rocky Patel Sun grown Toro's and Torpedo's were the best cigars I had smoked, but after trying these I may just have to change my mind on that. These are without a doubt as good if not better than the Sun grown. I am almost ready to say they are better but I can't get myself to do that just yet, perhaps I need to smoke a few more of them to really make up my mind. This cigar had the great flavor I look for in a cigar and it has great draw that I also look for,they are a well built , well put together cigar. When you take a puff on these you get all the smoke you can handle and I was completely happy with every aspect of this cigar, without a doubt I would give this cigar a 9 + out of a ten. I will without hesitation buy more of these in the future. They are an excellent cigar in my opinion.
Ron S in Northern Michigan September 13, 2009
"great cigar"
this is one great cigar, it has a great flavor to it and the draw is exceptional, this is what a cigar should smoke like without a doubt. I thought that Rocky's Sun Grown were the best but now I am having second thoughts about that after trying these. These have a great look to them, they are rolled just right with great flavor and they burn fantastic. everything you want in a great cigar. In my opinion they are one of the best cigars I have tried. Maybe the best so far.
Ron S in Northern Michigan September 6, 2009
"Great after a bit of rest . . ."
I got 2 of the maduro toro in samplers that came with the boxes of American Markets I bought. I know better, but was anxious to try them given the good reviews. The first one was so so . . . I put the other one into the humidor to rest like I know I should have in the first place. One month makes all the difference. A bit of an uneven burn but nothing that causes any real issues. A great full bodied maduro flavor - leathery, consistent and smooth from light to nub. It will be a humidor staple. I cna only hope these get as much better with 3 months as they do with one
Fred in Detroit, Michigan July 28, 2009
"One of my favorites from Rocky"
Got 2 of the toros in a 14 pack RP sampler. I was very impressed, a medium to full bodied smoke. Even burn with a nice long ash. Flavorful from start to finish, just enough spice & peppery flavor. Box pressed doesn't bother me. I smoked the 2 from the sampler, & as karma would have it, it was the monster deal the next day ($2.50 a stick)...I'm in for a box, these are GREAT cigars...(I should have bought more).
One Putt in Mo. December 26, 2008
"They were fine"
The review above??? I had none of these issues.No "staining" The flavor was fine..not "stanky" in any way.
Craig in October 18, 2008
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