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Rocky Patel Honduran Classic Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Not Vintage quality, but got it done on the course"
I saw a couple reviews comparing this to Rocky Vintage. Not fair. This isn't in that category. I smoked this on the back nine while golfing. It was a rather smooth smoke, and had pretty good flavors, but continually had burn and draw issues. I had to relight a few times and it wasn't due to negligence on my part. Had a tight draw and inconsistent burn. Started off well, but gradually worsened to the end. For the price, overall not bad, especially for an outdoor golf outing.
Mark in Maryland March 25, 2013
"Almost as good as a Rocky Vintage"
Seeing the mixed reviews, I didn't have much hope, but this is a beautiful box-pressed cigar. Burned pretty well, decent buzz, good flavor all the way.
Florian in Miami, FL June 4, 2010
"I gotta give credit where credit is due!"
As I always begin, cigar preference is very subjective. To me this is a great cigar, and worth the $5 price. The taste was excellent and complex, with no negative detractions. The draw was as good as it gets. I have found RP cigars to be quite inconsistent, but this one is a winner.
Mick in Lakewood May 15, 2008
"Not The Best From Rocky"
Having smoked almost all of the RP cigars out there, this is not his best. Don't get me wrong, the stick looked very nice out of my humidor, the burn was pretty even throughout, draw was good and a nice ash that held. But the flavor was inconsistent, a little hint of spice here and there but nothing that was a standout.
NA Johnson in NY September 20, 2007
"Disappointing smoke, spend your money elsewhere"
I am very disappointed in this cigar in almost every way. After loving the 90/92 vintage series and almost everything Indian Tabac has to offer, I decided to buy up as many different types of Patels as I could find (which has significantly damaged my high opinion of Patel cigars). This "Honduran Classic" was only consistent in one way... Consistently inconsistent. Keeping this smoke burning was nearly impossible in any weather condition, indoor or outdoor. Out of the package (boxes and samplers), the looks of every one of these cigars leaves much to be desired (Of the Honduran Classics I received in samplers, some had significant wrapper damage). The flavor was very poor. This could have been due to the horrible burn, bad draw and seemingly poor construction... However since every one of them I smoked was plagued with these same problems it becomes a firm characteristic of the cigar taste, not just the performance. Overall, I would prefer most bundle cigars over this one. If you have Patel favorites, enjoy them, but stay away from this one, less you want your overall opinion of Patel smokes dropped.
B Johnson in Wa July 31, 2007
"wow what flavor"
They burn a little funky but off the charts on flavor in this price range
Michael Atkins in FL April 19, 2007
"Enjoyed so much that I reordered to stock the hum"
Medium to full bodied. Box pressed but a few rolls with the fingers restores roundness. Even burn with nice long ash. Flavorful begining to end. At this price I passed a few on to friends and their reports back were a good balanced enjoyable cigar. Not as spicy as some other Rocky Patels. The free box of 40 Juniors sealed the deal.
TJJ in Michigan February 21, 2007
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