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Rocky Patel Juniors Connecticut Reviews [view details]

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"Good Cigar RP does it once again"
Good smoke the taste is not for everyone one of my fave way to go Rocky!
Douglas Brown in Murfreesboro TN. February 5, 2011
Wonderful cigars. Great taste and construction, but just one problem with them. They are so good for a junior cigar, you'll wish it was full size.
Jon in Lexington KY January 27, 2011
"Rocky Patel had done it again! Juniors RULE!"
I don't use all the fancy wording to describe my tastes in cigars but I know what I like. My usual smoke is Rocky Patel's The Edge Missile but they can be a bit pricey for a day to day smoke and I was looking for a small yet flavorful stick. I tried the Rocky Patel Junior in April and never looked back. Though all 3 wrappers are good, the Connecticut is my favorite and being that the fields are 20 minutes from my home well I am supporting the locals. This little cigar is surpassed by none anywhere in its price range. The draw is perfect, the burn, also perfect and the flavor works right down to the lip burning end! Out of 6 boxes so far (40 per box), only one stick malfunctioned a slight unwrapping of the wrapper and that may have been because I left it in my car overnight. I give them a 96 out of 100!
Dan in Middletown CT December 13, 2010
"Junior with a Senior demeaner"
These are just a great cigar in a smaller package. Catch them on Cigar Monster at a significant savings.
fred gargiulo in oregon October 8, 2010
"Absolutely Amazing...Huge Fan of RP"
Just purchased on 9/27 at midnight and already received today!!!!!!!!!great company...will shop nowhere else from here out....I love RP and these don't disappoint....overall 11 out of 10!!!!!! soon as they are available again I will Def pick up 1 or 2 more em
Bryan in New York September 29, 2010
"A lot of flavor for the size"
Great cigar for the drive to work in the morning
bern0320 in ohio September 25, 2010
"Very Good Starter Cigar"
Yeah, I'm a Rookie. I wanted a mild, petite cigar to "practice" with and this one footed the bill. Very good burn and very mellow. Sitting on the deck, puffing on my RP Jr, sipping on a lil' cognac and listening to some jazz on the box. Life is good.
Mick in Atlanta GA August 11, 2010
"Great little "time filler" cigar"
I have yet to find a RP cigar that I don't like, and these are no exception. Great flavors that seem much larger than the cigar, perfect for those short times when you want a smoke but not a huge one. Another home-run Rocky!!
Irish in Denver August 8, 2010
Excellent cigar with a big cigar taste. Bought a box a couple months ago and every cigar has been consistent. Great cigar when not enough time for a big cigar.
Tom in Indianapolis May 23, 2010
"My favorite RP"
Not a huge Rocky fan in the first place, but I like The Edge and these Juniors. I'm writing this review mostly because I want to clarify a couple of things for prospective buyers: 1. This is a very good tasting small cigar. It is well-made and the cedar box it comes it is very nice. The lid slides out, so don't try to pull it straight up as if it had a hinge because it doesn't have one. 2. There is an RP "Natural" Junior also available and it ought to be named "Dark Natural". It's darker of course and has a heavier earthy taste than the Connecticuts. Both are good; I prefer the latter. This is a great gardening stick. For the longer jobs you'll want something a little bigger, but for watering the yard before going into the office or other small jobs - they are perfect. While you're at the yard-work anyway, keep these humidified and smelling great by throwing in some of those falling-off rose petals you probably have around. Magnificent. A real treat while the summer lasts.
Rick in Portland, OR July 1, 2009
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