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Rocky Patel Juniors Connecticut Reviews [view details]

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"Great Every Day Cigar"
I found that if you let them sit in the humidor for a few months, they are much smoother and are a good everyday smoke.
Mike in Kansas September 14, 2014
"Not Great"
If you're a Rocky fan, these will disappoint you. No sweetness. A tad harsh, and flat flavor.
Narseman in Illinois June 14, 2014
"great small cigar"
mild, good burn and a great value. Taste is smooth not harsh .An enjoyable smoke I have enjoyed a number of years now.
howard in key west May 3, 2014
"Not great"
I bought a box and was quite disappointed. I much prefer the Cohiba Pequenos if your looking for a smaller cigar with a great taste. The construction was fine but the taste was quite harsh and didn't live up to the brand name. It doesn't come close to some of the other Patel Cigars.
Sam in New york January 30, 2013
"Some People....."
The first time I got these, I got them free with a box of Vintage RP's. I didn't like them at first and let them sit in my humidor for about 4-6 weeks. Then I broke out another and was very surprised at how tasty they were. For those who want a smoke now, these aren't for you. For those who know they should age any smoke, these will be a good choice. I haven't had a RP cigar yet that wasn't better a few weeks down the road. Exact same thing with the Rosado's. Didn't care for them until they sat in the humidor for a few weeks. That is precisely why I stay ahead on stock, so they can age. I'll be ordering more of these soon. Nothing is a perfect "10". But these are very tasty.
Joe in Ludington, MI January 17, 2013
"Great Little Guys!"
I bought a few of these from Famous when I first got into cigars. They were great when I started to smoke and they are great now after experiencing some classic smokes. They last about 30 minutes (great for lunch breaks or winter when its too cold)and are really full of flavor...even for being small! The smooth cream from the Connecticut wrapper really shines. Plus, they look great! Let them sit in your humidor to pick up some cedar. You wont regret these shorts!
Honest Cigar Reviews in Michigan June 18, 2011
"Not bad for the price but not great either!"
Pick up some of these badboys and they're ok. Considering the price they're passable but the flavour is a bit barnyardy. Almost tastes like manure smells but thats just my opinion.
Todd in Ottawa March 30, 2011
"Why the good reviews?"
I thankfully picked up a box at a discount through Cigar Monster. I don't understand the reviews. They burn well at a good price with good construction but......the flavour is terrible!!! I've had 3 of the 50 and i don't think i can smoke another. They are so harsh that they render themselves un-smokeable. The people that have reviewed these juniors as a good smoke must never have had a decent cigar. Never mind a good one! I was simply looking for a short stogie with good flavour but that isn't found here.
Paul in Canada March 16, 2011
Wonderfully surprising! Medium to hard draw especially after relight cold. Good Smooth Flavor, not spicy.
Pegasus7 in Oklahoma City March 7, 2011
"Good Little Smoke"
Got a bundle of 20 of these with a purchase of a box of Cuban Blend. Smoked the first one tonight, and I have to say, it's a nice little smoke. I'm normally not a fan of the smaller cigars, due to them smoking hot. But this one had some flavor to it. Wouldn't have tried this unless FSS threw them in for free, but I'm glad they did. Will buy these again for times when I don't have 1.5 hours to sit outside and smoke.
Dizzy in New Mexico February 24, 2011
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