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Rocky Patel Juniors Maduro Reviews [view details]

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"Nice cheap smoke..."
.....But well worth the money. My favorite morning sitting in traffic with a cup of coffee cigar. Short burn time and for such a small smoke good flavor.
M. L in Portland November 11, 2009
"Big cigar taste, small cigar"
I am not a fan of small cigars. They never taste like a regular size one, at least not to me. I recently bought a box of Rockey Patel Juniors(maduro). I just lit one up right out of the box. The taste was fantastic,thought I was smoking one of his regular size cigars. Is there any of his larger cigars with that exact blend?
Mike in Florida March 30, 2009
"Tasty, great price"
A lovely taste-bomb. Rich, chocolaty, chewy-tasting. Medium-bodied. Not too much of a throat-scraper. Just a hint of ammonia perhaps? Overall excellent flavor. The batch I got had quite a bit of white crystal plume coating them. Padron? Almost twice the price, but smaller and not a contender.
Madrok in Virginia March 18, 2009
"Not Terrible but not Great ."
I bought these as a Monster Deal one day, as I was already a big fan of RP.I thought these would be great for a quick smoke at the office. These have an OK construction, the initial burn is very harsh and bitter. I had to keep spitting the first quarter inch. The smoke mellows and blooms into a peppery,full flavor. As the burn got closer to yje head of the stick it became harsh again. I expected a little more consistency from RP. I would not recommend these as there are better buys on the market. Try the Patron line it has some of the same full body taste at a friendlier price.
Julian in Phoenix, October 15, 2008
"Wonderful Little Cigar"
These are great when you don't have an hour or so to spend with a regular cigar. Very flavorful, easy draw, nice even burn and a pleasure in those times where you just don't have the time for a full cigar.
Rick in Chicago July 29, 2008
STEVEN A. CURTIS in FL June 18, 2007
"Fantastic small full bodied cigar"
I recieved a box of 50 as a freebe. I enjoy them immensely. I shared them with several friends and they all had very favorable feedback. I'll keep a stock of them always in the humidor for a quick smoke alternative.
TJJ in Michigan February 15, 2007
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10 Taste (74) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (81) 100
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