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Rocky Patel Juniors Maduro Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke When You Don't Have a lot of Time."
Great smoke when you want a quick smoke. Good flavor and easy draw. Will definitely buy another box. I was pleasantly surprised.
Rtv in California September 2, 2013
"Terrible, never again."
The reputation is much over rated. These were just terrible. Maybe some of his other blends, but not this one.
Bob in Florida August 25, 2012
"OMG Shoulda Bought a BOX"
omg i bought 3 at auction thinking id try a maduro sure do wish i woulda bought a whole box instead these cigars taste better than my cohibas now im torn between 2 loves had rocky sure lived up to his rep
Bobby P in SHREVEPORT September 30, 2011
"OK then"
Well this is my 2nd box of RP juniors and I thought I ordered the sumatras again. Like always famous has fast shipping and didnt wait long for my order. Anyway as I was restocking my humidor I laid these down next to the remainders of my last box and was shocked by the difference. WAY darker wrapper its got to be a maduro. They looked nothing alike other than fine construction and size. Even the aroma of one right out of the cello was pleasantly different. Now I know Rocky has has high standards and has a wrapper shade standard he goes by, but dang am I just losing it? Now I dont want to complain, because after smoking one these are great! 1 more box and I should be ready to go into my winter smoking mode. Thanks Rocky!! Thanks Cigar Monster!!!
Chivo11 in Battlecreek September 27, 2010
"Rocky Mancrush"
Man what cant Rocky do? Rocks cigars are so tasty sometimes I dont even think you need to light them. You could simply slap one in a hot dog bun and chow down. Seriously Rocky is just a unstoppable force in the world of cigars.You cannot stop Rocky you can only hope to contain him.At this point Rocky could literally wipe himself with a maduro wrapper leaf, roll it up and it would score a 90 or above rating.We need to clone Rocky so he is around forever.He is the Godfather of cigars, simply untouchable.
Chivo in CB4 August 20, 2010
"Love 'Em!"
As somewhat of a beginner I haven't smoked a lot of cigars but I do like Cohiba, Perdomo, and Rocky Patel. That being said, these cigars are GREAT! I have smoked other small cigars and these are by far the best. The draw easy, many small cigars don't. Best of all they put out TONS of smoke, more than some Toros I've tried. When you just want a quick smoke these can't be beat!
Art in Seattle August 18, 2010
"Liked everything but the bitter aftertaste"
I really liked the construction and burn of the cigar for the price. It has a mild spiciness which I also liked. My only real complaint is that there is a bit of a "dead wet frog" aftertaste to the batch I got. I am hoping that goes away after a few months in the humidor...
JD in Saint Paul, MN August 2, 2010
Received this free with 1999 Vintage. Awful throat burner. I have rarely had a smoke as abrasive to my throat and i smoke mostly full bodied. Smoke small puffs is my only advice. If you want a great small cigar, go for Partagas pronto or something else. Glad it was free.
jazzi in canada July 27, 2010
"Ok, not great."
I got these free with a purchase of a box of RPs. They are ok in a pinch, or if you are in a hurry. The get hot and harsh after 1/2 complete. I would not buy these, but would take them again if another free offer comes around.
Mike in Owings, Md June 2, 2010
"what the heck happened to these??"
This has been my winter cigar for about 2 years. Constantly re-ordered and always enjoyed. Until this box, that is! from my calculations, this is box #8 or #9. BAD burn, BAD construction and not a great tasting cigar! I really hope that I just got a bad box..cause I really felt that these were the greatest short, inexpensive cigar out there. Now, (and since the price seems to have gotten higher) they're just a cheap cigar. Last night I found one from a past box and it was extacy..this morning I had one fron the new box..agony! That was the 4th or 5th out of the new box and they've all pretty much been the same.
Richard T in suburban Philadelphia January 17, 2010
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10 Construction (81) 100
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