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Rocky Patel Juniors Sumatra Reviews [view details]

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"Now Sumatra, Not Naturals Anymore"
I ordered a box of RP Naturals, which I loved for many years, but when I received them I returned them thinking I was shipped a miss labeled box of maduros. When they re-shipped them, same as before...very dark, and not like the naturals shipped before. Unfortunately these do not taste like their expensive 92 vintage brothers that are similarly dark wrapped, but more like the lower rated maduro version of these smokes. I'll check these out and report back, but still disappointed that the naturals have changed.
John Adams in Palm City, FL December 4, 2014
These little smokes are smokable but not very good. Realy harsh with a dirty finish. These should be dollar sticks at the most.
in January 5, 2013
"Very Good Smoke"
I bought these cause of the size. And what I got was a great taste and great price...
Joe W. in Coal Township September 25, 2012
"Pleasant little cigar"
I like these. They have a decent taste that hangs in there for the duration. I have had 2 boxes so far (3rd on its way) and I haven't had any with draw issues so far. They have been very consistent. We'll see what box 3 has to offer. I can get a good 30 - 45 min smoke and burn relatively even. I've only had a couple trackers. For the price (sale) they are hard to beat.
-RM in Wi February 3, 2012
"Excellent short smoke but too many have tough draw"
I smoke a lot of these due to time constraints. I really like everything about them......except that about 1 in 6 have a very tough draw that means I throw them away (I'm far to lazy to return them). That's 6-7 cigars out of a box of 40. But don't forget the first part of the review.
Tim in Riverside, CA September 26, 2011
"Excellent smoke packed in a small package"
Very worth the price and they pack a punch!
Ray in Stockton CA September 4, 2011
"Totally Satisfied.."
I no longer have the time to smoke a 2 hour cigar. I was looking for something full bodied, with a nice finished wrapper, that lasts 30-45 mins. After browsing for about 2 weeks, I picked these up on the Monster. Exactly what I was looking for!! These are perfect for my car ride home. I will definitely be buying another box of Juniors. Can't wait to try the Naturals!
Tim in Fall River, MA September 29, 2010
"Tis be what Tis be'"
Nice little smoke, I can usually milk 1 for about 45 mins to an hour. Dont expect a smaller vintage and youll be fine. Still tasty, rich tobacco taste, mildly sweet sumatra wrapper,shocking amounts of smoke,good draw, straight burn,darn good little bastard. It reminded me of the Factory select sungrown rosado. Anyway if you can get them on the monster for a buck a stick they are a deal. Rocky is a cigar juggernaut and no one can stop him.
El Tigre' in mancave August 19, 2010
"good little cigar to chew on"
i smoked a few they were alright, but i find i just like to chew them, very good flavor
sean in odessa texas August 1, 2010
"Age before beauty?"
The Sumatra Junior smells terrific out of the box, generous coffee and earth notes; it was so inviting that I smoked one immediately. Perhaps that was the problem--mild doesn't mean tasteless, and I found myself wanting to like the little bugger more than I did. It had no complexity, none of the richness I've come to savor in the Rocky line. Construction and draw were excellent, however, and I'm hoping that some time in the penalty box will season them.
RIch in Los Angeles July 6, 2010
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