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Rocky Patel Rosado Reviews

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Rocky Patel Rosado Lancero
"One of the best of the Rockies"
I saw these on sale and gave them a try, after the first one I thought this might just be the best cigar I have had. It is very mild but has lots of flavor and has little of the nasty after cigar taste that many others have. At this price and as long as they last, they are cheeper than machine cigars.
Don in Kansas November 16, 2011
RP Rosado Sixty
The description does this one justice. I would have liked to have seen more of a shine on the wrapper, but that's ok. This stick has a very nice taste and the draw is perfect! I also had a little bit of a burn issue with this one, however it will not stop me from buying this one again. If you like big ring cigars, this is a must try!
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 8, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
"Wanted to enjoy..."
I wanted to enjoy this cigar but the draw was so ridiculously tight I ended up tossing it after the first third. I like tight draws but not so tight I look like I just bit a lemon trying to get some smoke.
Scotty August 30, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Lancero
"Good Panatella"
This my first Rocky Patel cigar. Typically I smoke toros but this rosado leaf panatella with the 38 ring was quite enjoyable. Drew well, good ash, aromatic and a bit sweet. I got 5 for $16. Keep up the good work famous smoke shop
zino in california August 26, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Torpedo
"I agree with Ludwig"
I agree with Ludwig from Massachusetts. This cigar is grossly overrated. Harsh,and at the same time tastless. I'm just happy I only bought five.
Franzie in Northeast June 9, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto 5 pack
"((( Rocky Patel Petite Corona )))"
The Rocky Patel Petite Corona, sports a reddish brown, chestnut colored wrapper. The burn of the cigar is clean, and even,and the cigar easily supports a grayish colored one inch ash. Upon lighting the cigar, a sharp metallic taste is present in the mouth. On the first half of the burn, the metallic taste dissipates, and is replaced by notes of hickory smoke in the mouth and on the pallet. Strong notes of black pepper are also present in the nose. On the second half of the burn, spice and leather, emerge in the nose and on the pallet. The burn time for this petite corona is, approximately 45 minutes. ( note,, this cigar improved with a short stay in the humidor ) On a scale of 1to10 I'd rate this cigar 5.
Robb Hughes in Michigan March 18, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Toro 5 Pack
Expected more. Smoked two hoping the second was better. Tasted too much like a cigarett. Maybey just a bad batch?
ted in Houston February 6, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Test Flight
These are very well crafted and highly tasty cigars. They feature a very smooth medium/full bodied smoke with lots of creamy spice and a wonderful aroma and finish. Some of my favorite cigars are The Patel FSS exclusives. This along with the Honduran classic are both exceptionally good.
BHS in Westminster February 4, 2011
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
Creamy, smooth, peppery and some earthiness! have not smoked many RP's how ever after smoking this I'm definitely going to try more.
Grant in U.P. Michigan December 1, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
This is a wonderful spicy creamy cigar with a long sweet pepper finish. My experience through about 12 of these so far is definitely not bitter at all as described in some of the other reviews. This is a wonderful medium/full bodied delight. Excellent Cigar!
BHS November 25, 2010
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