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Rocky Patel Rosado Reviews

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Rocky Patel Rosado Toro
"Not up to Rocky Standards"
I love Rocky's smokes....well most of them. Unfortunately, the Rosado Toro's I've had have all been pretty much flavorless. The burn, construction and appearance are all fantastic and what I would expect from a Rocky cigar. The taste, however, was almost non-existent. I would personally steer clear of these and go with the Cuban Blend. The Rosado's fell completely flat with their taste.
Jason in Benton Harbor, MI November 2, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Torpedo
"Don't hesitate giving this one a try!"
If you're looking for a quality, tasteful smoke for a bargain price, get a box of RP Rosado Torpedos. Draw, burn, taste, the whole ball of wax ... outstanding! In addition, it burns for at least 1.5 hours. Perfect medium-bodied smoke. You won't be disappointed!
Blair in Woodridge, IL September 27, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Torpedo
"Fabulous cigars!"
Initially, I was hesitant about this cigar because it looks like a Maduro and I prefer Natural, but I decided to give it a go. Fabulous. The draw was great, the taste and smell were awesome. As our frigid winter approaches, I do not want to waste our good weather days on a stinker and with this one I was not disappointed. The draw was very good and in line with what I like-smoke is plentiful from this cigar. So this was great and well worth the money. I have never given a 100 to a cigar, but this one deserves it.
David Chapman in West Fargo, ND September 11, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Petite
"Somewhat disappointing"
Having a healthy respect and love for Rocky Patel cigars I was slightly disappointed. The construction and draw are classic Rocky. Color and aroma are just as good. The disappointment came with the taste. I'm not one of those guys that will tell you that is was "almondy with a slight hint of sweet wine". I will tell you this though, the taste was not classic Rocky. It actually tasted like one of those cheap cigars you bought (and I hope you never do) at the local gas station. These little cigars look, smell, feel, draw and burn great, but it fails to impress when it comes to taste. Maybe you'll like it but I recommend that you don't buy the box without trying the 5 pack first.
Steve in East Coast July 16, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
"Excellent cigar..."
Smokes as great as it looks. Definitely one to keep on hand.
Dean in Athens, GA June 26, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
"A Great cigar!"
I just received the sampler. What a great smoke. Very enjoyable. The Rocky Patel Rosado will become another added to my favorites list.
Steven in Philadelphia June 1, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Petite
This is the best tasting petite corona I have ever smoked. Lots of flavor, nice coffee/coaco after taste on the palete. Not harsh and burns even. Better if kept in the humidor for a few weeks.
David in Eugene, Oregon May 27, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Torpedo
"Over rated, disappointed!"
I bought a box of these cigars on FSS reviews along, big mistake. This is by far one of the most unpleasant smokes I have had in a long time. I must at least say it does draw well and burns evenly but the falvour, not my cup of tea. Just to be sure that I wasn't out of my mind I gave away 4 and everyone had more or less the same oppinion. I would not buy these again.
Ludwig in Massachusetts April 23, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Robusto
"Nice burn but very bitter flavor!"
It started off very bitter, thought it would smooth out a bit but stayed pretty consistent. It burned well but after reading all the reviews I was pretty disappointed! Maybe it was just that one, I'll try again but not to optimistic.
Jason in San Clemente, Ca February 12, 2010
Rocky Patel Rosado Lonsdale
"Strength is NOT Medium"
This cigar has FULL strength! Not medium!
Ilya (insmoke) in Moscow February 10, 2010
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