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Rocky Patel Rosado Petite Reviews [view details]

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"Somewhat disappointing"
Having a healthy respect and love for Rocky Patel cigars I was slightly disappointed. The construction and draw are classic Rocky. Color and aroma are just as good. The disappointment came with the taste. I'm not one of those guys that will tell you that is was "almondy with a slight hint of sweet wine". I will tell you this though, the taste was not classic Rocky. It actually tasted like one of those cheap cigars you bought (and I hope you never do) at the local gas station. These little cigars look, smell, feel, draw and burn great, but it fails to impress when it comes to taste. Maybe you'll like it but I recommend that you don't buy the box without trying the 5 pack first.
Steve in East Coast July 16, 2010
This is the best tasting petite corona I have ever smoked. Lots of flavor, nice coffee/coaco after taste on the palete. Not harsh and burns even. Better if kept in the humidor for a few weeks.
David in Eugene, Oregon May 27, 2010
"Bad Value"
I was looking for a good 30 minute or so spa cigar that I wouldn't have to toss half of. These would work great except for one thing.... flavor. Starts out kind of harsh and papery, finish is bitter, with hints of sulpher and burnt rubber. Rather toss 2 bucks worth of one of my corojo # 5s than smoke one of these @ 3.50 per stick.
Donn W. in Fair Oaks January 18, 2010
i got a box of the torpedos and got sampler. i smoked this first. was foul, stale smoke, dry wrapper peeled off soon as lit, burned uneven with stem stuck in the middle. i am now afraid to open the full torpedo box. thinking about returning. if you like smoking binders this one is for you!!
lee in new jersey June 28, 2008
These are truly great. Perfect balance of flavor, spice and aroma. Beautiful in appearance and just amazing to smoke. Even better than the edge. Definitely, My new favorite!!!
Crispy in NY, NY October 11, 2007
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10 Construction (86) 100
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