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Rocky Patel Rosado Toro Reviews [view details]

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"A Truly Great Stick..."
A really gorgeous cigar. I love the rosado wrapper. Well constructed with the exception of a tough draw at the beginning, (I nearly caved my head in on the first 1/4, but these are handrolls). A great medium flavor that develops a progressively complex flavor the further you go (A nice peppery flavor at the end). Get ready to burn your fingers on this one!
One Putt in Mo. December 26, 2008
"NOT a 9.2 rated ciger"
This cigar is rated at 9.20 or so, about the same or higher than the Zino platinum Stout I usually smoke. Ridiculous. This RP is a nice $4 cigar, and I would rate it at about 8, for taste, complexity and burn consistency. It is ok.
C.H. in Virgina August 8, 2008
"Winner start to finish, nearly burnt my fingers!"
I tried the Rosado Toro third out of a sample 9 pack I recieved with a purchase of Rosado Torpedo's. I kept moving the band down to see how far I could go before the gar went south....never did...almost burnt my fingers. These are a must to anyones favorite list!
Greg in Lincoln August 3, 2008
"A bit much for me..."
Absolutely gorgeous cigar and excellent construction. Bit strong for me as I found them closer to full flavored than medium. Looking for something mild to medium? Don't buy. Looking for spicy, full flavored? Highly recommend.
JuanT in Des Moines July 11, 2008
"Rock steady!"
This is my primo smoke from the wonderful Rocky Patel. He'll be on a postage stamp some day. Oodles of flavor, tremendous construction and draw, a reasonable price, and absolute consistency. The rosy wrapper is celestial. I have been smoking cigars 46 years and RP Rosado is my everyday smoke.
Ripper in Gig Harbor WA July 8, 2008
"Great Construction, Awful Taste"
This is the worst Rp I have ever smoked. I have had them setting in the humi for a couple of months, and they still stink. I like the RP vintage and the hondurans, but this tastes like a .90 cigar.
Daniel Urroz in So. Cal. July 9, 2007
"I saved her for last"
I bought a sampler of Rocky Patels after buying a couple of Edge Toro's at a local tobacconist. For some reason, I saved the Rosados until last...boy was I glad I did. The Edge is a great smoke, a little on the heavy side but great. The Rosado is just perfect. There is enough body there to let you know you're smoking a cigar, but not overwhelm you. There is plenty of smoke and a great draw. The cigar's construction is second to none. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone who enjoys a well balanced smoke. It is similar to the AVO #2 and Perdomo Champagne Toros with a bit more complex flavor. All three have a great draw and are excellent smokes, the Rosado wins the tiebreak on price.
Rob in Madison July 5, 2007
"Great taste, Great value"
I bought a box of the RP Rosado Toros when they were a "Monster Deal" and I think they were an incredible deal! The taste isn't as strong as most RP's, But there is still a ton of flavor that should appeal to a broad range of smokers. The only problem I've experienced with them is some of the wrappers have had small cracks and big veins that have caused minor burn issues in a couple that almost never happen in RP's. Overall this is a great cigar, and a great value!
Rick H. in Sacramento CA June 25, 2007
"Beddy, beddy guuud!"
Muy excellente!
S.P. in Northern Virginia June 20, 2007
"ROCKY, you did it again!!"
When you first remove this beauty from it's wrapper, run the length under your nose and enjoy the bouquet of this puppy!! You'll know you are in for a treat! From the first toasting of the foot, to the "finger burning" end, you will enjoy this smoke, as I sure have on the 5 I've burned so far! Even burn, holds the ash an incredibly long time and the flavor is top notch and smooth! Not harsh at all, even during the last inch! Highly recommend if you want a medium bodied treat! I'm working my way thru the Rocky line, and I'm impressed by all so far, especially the "Rosado"~~
Pappy Hewitt in NV June 11, 2007
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10 Construction (92) 100
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