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Rocky Patel Selects Classic Reviews

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RP Factory Selects Classic Toro
"Joe M."
This cigar ANY morning with an iced triple shot latte' is heaven on earth!
Joe M. in New Orleans February 7, 2011
RP Factory Selects Classic Mini Belicoso Corojo
"Good Smoke and a Bargain"
I've had these in the humidor for a couple of weeks. I've smoked three and they were identical: steady draw, even burn, and consistent flavor. They are a better than decent representative of this type of cigar. I have generally smoked maduros, and have generally enjoyed Rocky Patels. My all time favorite cigar was the Canaria de Oro, no longer available. This, is not at all the same in taste, but it is a nice substitute. I'd buy these again.
Joe M. in New Orleans February 7, 2011 January 29, 2011
RP Factory Selects Classic 60 Maduro
If you like a big-fat-BOLD cigar, this is the one!!
Al in miami,fl December 29, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic 60 Maduro
"Can't beat it for the money"
I buy a bundle or two every time I place an order. This is the best deal for the money I have found yet. It is pretty much my favorite, and I travel internationally and get the occasional Cuban. As long as I smoke cigars, I will buy these.
Jon in College Station, TX November 25, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Double Corona Connecticut
"excellent for the price"
Overall very good smoke - just about finished the first bundle and not one bad smoke - would definately buy again on auction, no retail.
jim in florida November 19, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Robusto Maduro
"Very Good Cigar"
This was a great smoke. Burns very even, tight ash, and the flavor is full and spicy. Will buy these again.
CactusBob in MI, USA October 7, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Maduro
"Great Flavor"
This cigar is unbeatable at the price; rich smoke with a nice spicy flavor.
Bill in PA September 7, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Toro
My cigar-smoking wife and I took a vacation in Europe last month. I packed a bunch of these cigars, as I have liked them in the past. In Cologne, we stopped by our favorite, awesome cigar shop and stocked up on several Havanas. Off the top of my head, I remember that we got a Romeo y Julieta Churchill, a Monte #2, a couple of Monte #4's, a Hoyo Epicure, and a Hoyo Churchill. I am sure that I have forgotten some. My wife, my German brother-in-law, and I unanimously concluded that none of the Havanas were as tasty or as well constructed as this cigar. Not even close. In conclusion: this is an unsmokable piece of junk. Nobody else should buy any of them. I will selflessly buy them all up in the future.
Richard in Danbury, CT September 5, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic 60 Corojo
"Super Deal"
Excellent Cigar for the Price. I have smoked 8 of these so far, and the flavor is Fantastic. I will re-order these for my every day Smoke.
Phil in Ventura, Ca August 27, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Corojo
"excellent value"
I had to try one of these right off the truck...all 20 were well constructed very firm cigars that you would expect from Rocky Patel. The flavor was rich and creamy not quite as spicey as i like but a very good cigar for the money. Those of you who are wondering whether to buy these need not fear these cigars are real Patels. I assume a little time in the humidor on the cedar the spice will come around. I will definatetly be buying more of these.
Rob in Tennessee August 12, 2010
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