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Rocky Patel Selects Classic Reviews

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RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Corojo
"Good Taste, Good Price, Flimsy Wrapper Leaf"
Have been very happy with the RP brands purchased before (Cameroon Legend, 1990 vintage, Cuban Blend, Sun Grown, Rosado, etc). While this cigar is tasty, draws well, and has a full -bodied taste, the problem is with the very thin wrapper leaf. In a bundle of 20 at least every 3rd cigar from the bundle had the wrapper leaf crack and unravel about halfway through the smoke. It appeared the wrapper leaf was very thin and fragile. Don't think I'll re-order this bundlw again.
Gerry in Chicago July 20, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Maduro
"Great Cigar, Very Unique, A Real Classic"
I have smoked cigars for 40 years. For years my favorire was the all tobacco Black Jack which ceased being all-tobacco in the early 80's. The cigars remind me of those-nutty sweet, robust yet tame, a super nose, and a pure delight to smoke. I have smoked many expensive cigars and these will stand up to almost any of them. Have never been disappointed by these in any way. Looking forward to receiving my next bundle. Thanks Famous for making these available and hats off to Rocky Patel for a wonderful cigar.
Randy in Mukwonago July 3, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic 60 Maduro
"6X60 Maduro Great Taste!"
I have been smoking cigars since forever even when they were not popular. This big cigar 6X60 is a real mans cigar, with a real mans taste. The maduro I would stack up against alot of the cubans. I smoked a Cohiba the other day, and it was not as good as this big boy. For the price and taste cant beat it with a stick.
James in Florida April 2, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Corojo
"Decent little torpedo..."
Buying cigars online seems risky but I ended up choosing two bundles: these corojo torpedoes and the Famous Nicaraguan 3000 torpedoes. I was afraid of these b/c of a mediocre experience with the RP Decade toro (I smoke mostly Cubans and most others seem a bit wimpy or else rough and uncivilized). These Rocky Patels are a good little smoke. They start off tasting a bit dry and Dominican/Honduran, but start to pick up some really tasty flavours, with hints of sweetness and habano characteristics. Great for a day in the garage/back yard. Construction was great, pre-light a bit barn-ey, smoke a bit blue and somewhat smelly (says the wife), with slightly yellowed ash, but the key thing is they taste good. Way better than the Famous Nicaraguan 3000, at least at this young stage. I just can't figure out why so many non-Cubans seem so hard (firm) before they're lit.
Adam in Canada March 15, 2010
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Corojo
"On second thought..."
I wrote the review that started with "I dropped one right out of the bundle." After going through more of the cigars, I have found them absolutely delicious. There is still construction problems, but they have all been smokable. One of them took some chewing to keep the draw easy, two others were a bit bland, but they aren't too bad. The point is, they have a wonderful flavor. I've changed my mind and would buy them again. One of them was probably one of the best I've ever had, so consistency is an issue. That's probably why Rocky made these seconds.
Mark in Florida November 7, 2009
RP Factory Selects Classic Torpedo Corojo
"Enjoyable taste, terrible construction."
I dropped one right from the bundle and cracked the end open. The cigar splits as it is smoked. It is the thinnest wrapper I have seen. I used a V cutter on the cap and cut it perfectly, but the wrapper started unraveling, thankfully the binder was holding well enough...poor construction. However, the taste is very nice and the draw is very good. As long as the cogar holds together, they are pretty nice. I won't order these again. It's easy to see why these are Rocky Patel seconds. Cheers to Famous for an accurate description though.
Mark in Florida November 7, 2009 November 2, 2009
RP Factory Selects Classic Mini Belicoso Corojo
Second compared to what???? A DEAD ringer for a Cuban Sancho Panza. Blind folded, I doubt many could tell them apart.
Scott E. Nehring in Vermont May 29, 2008
RP Factory Selects Classic Toro
"Bad Bundle"
Pure Crap. After trying Three(insint headache) I couldn't believe the amount of stems. After I razor cut the rest of the bundle. It made a nice broom. First time I have been skunked by Rocky Patel. Some times it's better to cut your losses then to let such an inferior batch go through.
Scott in Wisconsin May 22, 2008
RP Factory Selects Classic Toro
"Fire cracker!"
I got these on Friday from the DOD special. That evening everyone was out so I tried one. WOW! It burned almost dead even and from the first to the last it was heavy with tobacco and coco flavors also it had some sweetness. Found yet another fav for the humy! A great deal!!!
Cigar Scott in Louisiana May 11, 2008
RP Factory Selects Classic Toro
"another winner by Rocky patel."
Rocky Patel has great cigars at terrific prices.
barry in westchester April 26, 2008
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