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Rocky Patel Selects Original Reviews

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RP Factory Selects Original Torpedo
"Rough Stick"
It s obvious why these are seconds. Rough. Burn is uneven and won t stay lit. I rated them high in consistency because they were consistently bad. Looking for a good cheap stick? These are not a good choice.
John in Sugar Land Tx June 7, 2013
RP Factory Selects Original Robusto
"good value for money"
Decent everyday smoke. Nice appearance and good draw.
mike in brown May 13, 2013
RP Factory Selects Original Robusto
"Great burn and smooth"
I was impressed... great deal and good flavor.
mike in brown May 13, 2013 May 11, 2013
RP Factory Selects Original Torpedo
The first one i considered to light, but by the third I was hooked,the wrapper is the best natural leaf i have ever seen ,even burn,consistent burn time. great coffee mate,you wont even need creme. best 2 dollar stick i ever purchased.
Rocky Patel Factory Selects Original Robusto
"compare favorably with the 1990 Rockys"
these compare favorably with the 1990 Rocky's, only slightly milder. A good value.
Dave G in Baltimore February 3, 2012
RP Factory Selects Original Toro
I found this smoke to be very rich although not at first. I had to keep relighting it but the burn was even and the strength was satisfying. It probably went out so often because it was so intense that I had to keep putting it down. If it wasn't so tasty I wouldn't have kept picking it up again. For those of you that like a strong smoke I don't think you could do much better, especially at this price. Try it you might be surprised.
Gregory M in Salt Lake City November 26, 2011
RP Factory Selects Original Robusto
"A good value for an everyday cigar"
This is a consistant smoke. Very mild for RP. Good burn and the buy 1 get a 2nd for $40 deal puts the price point under $2.50
Richard in Fort Worth TX November 7, 2011
Rocky Patel Factory Selects Original Robusto
"Pretty much like a 3000"
I bought these on a hunch, since they were box pressed and had the same size and maduro wrapping as the Padron 3000 series, I thought i would give these sticks a try. the flavor and feel are identical, the only difference between the 3000's and the RP's is the filler. the factory selects are a thicker cigar, but that doesnt take away anything! the taste, burn, and total enjoyment is great! if you are a fan of the Padron 3000's,this cigar is it's long lost brother! great cigar. (to note, due to the filler, this cigar will take longer to smoke than the 3000.)
Mike in Dowagiac,MI September 4, 2011
RP Factory Selects Original Toro
"Great Bargain Cigar"
I have never smoked a Rocky Patel cigar that I did not enjoy. This remains true after ordering a bundle of these. Granted they are not pretty and are not premium cigars but I still enjoyed them and they are better than average. Order this cigar with confidence.
Seth in Chicago April 10, 2010
Rocky Patel Factory Selects Original Robusto
"good deal, good cigars"
I've had several Rocky Patel's in different samplers and I'd have to say that he consistently makes good cigars. Every variety has had a different taste but was always an enjoyable smoke and these are no different. I had no issues with construction. They were all attractive with a nice draw and even burn. If you like other Rocky Patel's you should enjoy these.
Dave C in Princeton, IL November 21, 2009
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