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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Reviews

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 5 Pack
"((( A Second Chance )))"
After reviewing The Rocky Patel Petit Corona back in September of 2010, I'm giving this one a recheck, now that it had time to rest in the humidor ::: This corona has a nice chocolate brown wrapper, with a even, flat cap. The cigar is medium in body. The burn is clean and even, although the the ash is somewhat loose. Throughout the first half of the smoke, hints for oak, and and nutmeg were present in the nose and on the pallet. Throughout the second half of the burn, aromas of nutmeg were replaced with sharp notes of black pepper, and ceder, in the nose. For a small cigar, this petit corona, emanates large amounts of gray smoke. The burn time on this cigar is approximately 60 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd now rate this corona 7
Robb Hughes in Michigan April 14, 2011
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"SMOOTH - One of Rocky's best"
This smoke was superb. If you want a smoke that's smooth without the bitterness and bite on the finish, this is yours. Its got plenty of flavor for a medium cigar, full of leathery and nutty notes but is easy on your palate. I would compare this to the Tatuaje with a bit more kick.
Tom R in New Mexico February 13, 2011
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Juniors (5)
"Uneven burn - constant relight"
I could have a "bad batch" but my last purchase of Juniors burn unevenly,going out frequently. The good taste, alone, is not enough, when weighing the hassle of relighting - especially on the golf course.
Jimmy_sez in Jacksonville, FL October 31, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"Had better"
Bought a 5 pack of these a few months ago on monster. Smoked one of them and was not impressed all that much. Great Rocky construction and draw, I just didnt like the way it tasted. I then smoked one about a month later and it was better then I had remembered, but still did not have a great flavor. It was a lot of earthy notes to it but no other flavors to balance it well. I let my buddy smoke one about a month ago and he also wasnt that impressed. RP is probably my favorite, so I am leaving my last 2 in there for a little while to see what some time in the humi will do. It is a robust cigar, and I am hoping some more time in the humi will bring out some flavors that I have not found yet
Doug in Pittsburgh October 4, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 5 Pack
"((( What's all the hype about ? )))"
The Rocky Patel Patit Corona, is a full bodied cigar, with a dark brown, smooth wrapper, that burns with a tight draw, and a gray, and somewhat loose ash. Upon lighting the cigar, the nose is instantly flooded with strong hints of wood, and strong spice. Though out the burn, the cigar seems to be too overpowering, and uncomfortable to smoke. This Corona leaves a strong bitter aftertaste in the mouth. The approximate burn time is 50 minutes. The Rocky Patit Corona, could possibly benefit from time spent resting the humidor. I'll rate this cigar a second time in the near future. On a scale of' 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 4. Note--Opinion-- This cigar is not worth it's hefty price tag. .
Robb in Michigan September 10, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Sixty
"Only the best!"
Great Cigar! Smooth tast, nice burn. I will smoke no other.
Chris in Philadelphia September 8, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedo
"Disappointed... holes in the stick"
I may have really liked the overall taste of these sticks, however out of the three that I've smoked (I boutght a 5 pack), two have had holes in them. This ruins the smoking experience for me... and if i have to try to keep a hole plugged while smoking... I'll pass on ever buying these again. Great taste... very low quality control. Try harder next time to create a smokable cigar. Thank you.
Richard G in New York September 4, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro Tubo
"Pretty Solid Smoke"
Very enjoyable smoke, would buy again.
Vlad in Delaware August 12, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
I have found my new favorite cigar. I have been extremely surprised by this stick. Good full flavored cigar. So far not a bad cigar in the box. Definetly will be a standarnd in my humidor.
Jeff in MN August 10, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"What is This?"
Well im not impressed. I only bought these because I won them on auction for 10$ more than the factory selects. Lots of pepper on initial light, then smooths out for rest of smoke. Burn has been off, I keep waiting for the RP flavor but it fails me. The wrapper is alot lighter than the factory selects and the contruction is no better, they even seem a ring gauge smaller. I really dont know about these, I feel that I got duped and regret buying the more flavorful selects.Oh well I have to smoke these to make room. Not all that, lack flavor,and overrated.They are consistant however, crooked burn, mild, and tight draw. I hate to post this because I have a mancrush on Rocky but, I call it like I see it.
JA Swags in Rock Island July 26, 2010
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