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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Reviews

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona
Oh my god! These are awsome. Bought my first box three years ago and have smoked so many since. I don't advise if you are a new smoker to try these unless your winning a bet." They might knock you for a loop!" Seasoned full bodied smokers, I strongly suggest trying one they won't let you down. The construction, draw, burn and taste is outstanding. The price is reasonable too.
Kevin in St. Louis July 18, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"Simply the Best"
Just the BEST SUN GROWN CIGAR IN THE WORLD. Super real world flavors, craftmanship second to none a must smoke for everyone.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 15, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro
"...nice but..."
A nice looking cigar - what you expect from Rocky Patel. The wrapper had a nice shine to it, copper coloured, very nice packing and pre-light smell. It lit up nice and the first 10 minutes were wonderful - lots of smoke. The tangy flavour started getting spicy in the middle third and as I neared the end, the flavour became bitter. I've got an aftertaste - not good.
Joe in Ottawa Canada June 20, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona
"Snickers Bar"
Geez Louise'. Ok I usually smoke the factory selects because they are good and inexpensive. I started smoking them because a freind told me they were the same as the 1st. NOT.These 1st are just that,perfect draw,taste,burn,look, not a single hiccup at all. Like a snickers bar, nutty, chocolate, caramel, and nouget. Ok maybe no nouget but everything else with a dash of pepper upon the initial lite. Buy 1 and smoke 1 before you die.
Bushwick in Parts Unknown June 16, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"Excellent Cigar"
First off I am a Padron guy. I won these Sun Grown RP's in an auction about 2 weeks ago and stuck them in the Humy figuring to let them age for a month. Well I was down to burning a 64 Anniversario or pulling an RP not quite aged as long as I'd like. I decided the occasion did not call for the 64 so out came the RP. Let me tell you, prior to snipping the end I took a draw and couldn't believe how easy it drew. From the time I lit it to the end of the smoke, it was smooth, complex, and burned evenly. I was impressed with the construction the draw and the mouthful of smoke from each puff. These fine cigars have found a new home in my humidor, right along with the Padrons.
Gary in West Palm Beach Fl. June 14, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro
"this one fell apart"
I ordered one of these in a sample pack. When I smoked it it quite literally fell apart. When I punched it out the cap fell off and as I smoked it( I always try to finish what I start) it got worse. I needed to cut almost two inches off the head because of a huge air leak. After I cut it it smokes OK for most of what was left. In all fairness I might have just gotten a bad stick. and I did like the taste so I might even try one of these again.
Dustin B in New Jersey May 23, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedo
"Fantastic smoke!!!"
At first I figured that this would be just a basic RP. Not sure where it gets it from...certainly has quite a bit more flavor than my standard Mac Maduro Hyde Park...and easier draw to boot ;-) Very consistent burn...and the tasted ended up the same as it started (maybe a bit more peppery near the end). Great choice for chillin' with the buds or relaxing and enjoying that beautiful sunset!
Jeff in Indiana May 17, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
Got this baby in a sampler. It was the last one I smoked, but in my opinion the best in the pack. I smoked it down to the nub. Almost as good as the RP 1999, but stronger.
Eris A P in Lafayette, Louisiana May 16, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
The "RP Sun Grown", is a hit with me. Earthy with a de-lish spicy sweet character that's just right. Rocky on top as always with this fantastic stick. Go for it.
K.Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. May 13, 2010
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto
"excellent smoke"
the RP sun grown has become a recent favorite. excellent cigar... gobs of smoke, full-bodied, creamy with a bit of spice. as stated by another reviewer they can be a tad inconsistent. the first one i smoked had a very tight draw, but the rest have been very good. for the money they are a great value. top notch and highly recommended.
~t in berkeley, ca January 9, 2010
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