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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Juniors (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Uneven burn - constant relight"
I could have a "bad batch" but my last purchase of Juniors burn unevenly,going out frequently. The good taste, alone, is not enough, when weighing the hassle of relighting - especially on the golf course.
Jimmy_sez in Jacksonville, FL October 31, 2010
"Rocky Rocky"
Won a 5-pack on the auction site. Ok cigar, but nothing special. Go with the Padron Corticos Natural tin instead !!!
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
"Big hit in a small cigar"
Bought 5 of these just to try something by RP. Lots of aromatic smoke and spicy taste to start, that changed to earthy sweetness as the cigar progressed. The only downside I found was a long finish that tasted of nicotine rather than tobacco. A taste I associate with cigarettes rather than cigars.
Cider glider in Wales July 25, 2008
"One of the best small cigars"
If you want a small cigar with big cigar taste that is consistant and flavorful, this is your cigar. Perfect smoke when you have 20 minutes.
btg in Michigan May 19, 2008
"Extreme bad taste"
Tried one, bad taste. Tried an other one, became sick. This stick is full of chemicals !
Nick in Brussel April 29, 2008
"Great short smoke!"
These are perfect when you need that medium cigar fix, and dont have more than 15-20 minutes. A must try for any RP fan.
Mike in NC April 7, 2008
"Good for the size"
Not as good as the small Partagas but still surprisingly flavoursome for such a tiny short smoke. They give a good burst of flavour but even though dirt cheap you can still buy the Partagas cheaper and get something with more style. Didn't stain my white gloves either -wot ! Wot !
Creekend UK in UK November 16, 2007
"very good short smoke"
first puff and wow wakes you up with a spice. aroma is pleasant. 1/2 inch later, more tamed down with a sweet aroma. another 1/2 inch and a earthy taste. wants to go out pretty quick,gottastay on top of it. medium finish with earthy grassy taste. overall very good with complexity. good for a beginner wanting to learn a more complex cigar.
mike in belleville June 8, 2007
"Terrific Short Smoke"
I've always liked the full-size version of this cigar. Because I work in smoke-free downtown Minneapolis, I like to smoke a short cigar outside after lunch. I have tried most of the 4" by 36 or 38 smokes out there, and this is the best of the lot. It's full bodied, rich and spicy, and produces a volume of smoke unlike any of its competitors (including the Dominican Cohiba, Partagas Black Label, Punch and Hoyo). It's almost like smoking a 15-minute Robusto. At $2 a stick it's a bit more spendy than the above-mentioned counterparts, but its worth it. This is the only cigar out of dozens that I have rated as a "10" across the board. Highly recommended for folks who can't smoke in their office and need a short smoke in between times.
Mike in Minneapolis May 16, 2007
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