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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Absolutely fabulous!"
Just about perfection. Starting with a nice sweet cognac tobacco aroma, And then i lit it, the cigar flavors are sweet nutty creamy peppery taste, little bit of caramel.. Really light and easy caramel, with a creamy texture. The 2nd was the same flavors, but the caramel became much more strong and almost dominate the flavors, i love'd that, and theres a pepper zing trough the finish. In the 3nd, the caramel flavor drop'd off, and a nice sweet wood take over the flavors, the creamy pepper flavors are still going in, with the zingy finish, a true masterpiece! Smoke output is great! Construction are perfect, burn is great razor sharp. 10/10 ! You'll love it!
Raz in Israel October 6, 2013
"Not bad for the price"
I like how it start out, until the last third the taste of it faded. I would chose Padron instead.
azntree in AZ June 19, 2012
"SMOOTH - One of Rocky's best"
This smoke was superb. If you want a smoke that's smooth without the bitterness and bite on the finish, this is yours. Its got plenty of flavor for a medium cigar, full of leathery and nutty notes but is easy on your palate. I would compare this to the Tatuaje with a bit more kick.
Tom R in New Mexico February 13, 2011
"Had better"
Bought a 5 pack of these a few months ago on monster. Smoked one of them and was not impressed all that much. Great Rocky construction and draw, I just didnt like the way it tasted. I then smoked one about a month later and it was better then I had remembered, but still did not have a great flavor. It was a lot of earthy notes to it but no other flavors to balance it well. I let my buddy smoke one about a month ago and he also wasnt that impressed. RP is probably my favorite, so I am leaving my last 2 in there for a little while to see what some time in the humi will do. It is a robust cigar, and I am hoping some more time in the humi will bring out some flavors that I have not found yet
Doug in Pittsburgh October 4, 2010
I have found my new favorite cigar. I have been extremely surprised by this stick. Good full flavored cigar. So far not a bad cigar in the box. Definetly will be a standarnd in my humidor.
Jeff in MN August 10, 2010
"What is This?"
Well im not impressed. I only bought these because I won them on auction for 10$ more than the factory selects. Lots of pepper on initial light, then smooths out for rest of smoke. Burn has been off, I keep waiting for the RP flavor but it fails me. The wrapper is alot lighter than the factory selects and the contruction is no better, they even seem a ring gauge smaller. I really dont know about these, I feel that I got duped and regret buying the more flavorful selects.Oh well I have to smoke these to make room. Not all that, lack flavor,and overrated.They are consistant however, crooked burn, mild, and tight draw. I hate to post this because I have a mancrush on Rocky but, I call it like I see it.
JA Swags in Rock Island July 26, 2010
"Simply the Best"
Just the BEST SUN GROWN CIGAR IN THE WORLD. Super real world flavors, craftmanship second to none a must smoke for everyone.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 15, 2010
"Excellent Cigar"
First off I am a Padron guy. I won these Sun Grown RP's in an auction about 2 weeks ago and stuck them in the Humy figuring to let them age for a month. Well I was down to burning a 64 Anniversario or pulling an RP not quite aged as long as I'd like. I decided the occasion did not call for the 64 so out came the RP. Let me tell you, prior to snipping the end I took a draw and couldn't believe how easy it drew. From the time I lit it to the end of the smoke, it was smooth, complex, and burned evenly. I was impressed with the construction the draw and the mouthful of smoke from each puff. These fine cigars have found a new home in my humidor, right along with the Padrons.
Gary in West Palm Beach Fl. June 14, 2010
Got this baby in a sampler. It was the last one I smoked, but in my opinion the best in the pack. I smoked it down to the nub. Almost as good as the RP 1999, but stronger.
Eris A P in Lafayette, Louisiana May 16, 2010
The "RP Sun Grown", is a hit with me. Earthy with a de-lish spicy sweet character that's just right. Rocky on top as always with this fantastic stick. Go for it.
K.Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. May 13, 2010
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10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
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10 Construction (92) 100
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