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Rocky Patel The Edge Reviews

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Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
As always, I have tried to like RP s all sizes and all shapes. No exception this time. NO TASTE. 90+ burn, draw, construction, but nothing on the palate. This is my 5th RP and NEVER AGAIN. Love Famous Dom. 1000 MUCH better.
Arthur in CA June 27, 2014
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo
"Torpedo - Maduro"
A flavorless, bitter, harsh smoke. I was hoping for some complexity in the smoke there was none. Respectfully, Jim
Jim June 24, 2014
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
"Soggy, Uneven burn, Constant Relighting"
Maduros are soggy..packed too tight.. Uneven burn..Must keep relighting..Terrible draw.
Joel Albert in Ringoes, NJ September 3, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
When I got them they were over humidified and wouldn't stay lit. Left them out of the humidor per Famous Smoke instructions and the wrapper split. They did nothing to make it right I will go somewhere else for cigars. Disappointed
Mike in Alba TX August 6, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Corojo
"gets better and better"
In the past month or so I've probably had 5 or 6 torpedos on the golf course and I really love them. These sticks really start to get very tasty just past the firts third and stay tasty to the very end. Definitely a full body flavor cigar, but contrary to a lot of reviews I don't find it much stronger than a medium in strength at most. The only negative would be that the burn can get a little wonky @ times, but never anything out of control. In saying that,The R.P. edge maduro has bumped the CAO Brazilia Box press into 2nd place in terms of middle of the road, everyday sticks for me. GREAT CIGAR!! Tastes throughout: Coffee, dark chocolate, pepper, earthy spice, and a very nice nutmeg right around the band point. LOTS of thick smoke too! A+
Jimi J in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada July 8, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo
"Big Disappointment"
I expected a lot more from RP. The draw was tough, the burn was inconsistent and the taste was mediocre. Ashton Maduros are well worth the extra $.
Peter G in Forest Hills May 27, 2013
Rocky Patel Edge Toro Candela
"Great smoke, light and grassy"
You're missing out if you haven't had a good Candela and this is a great one. Light and grassy. If you like Connecticut wrap, you should enjoy this. This is your grandfather s cigar.
Greg McWade in Oregon May 27, 2013
Rocky Patel Edge Robusto
"Too harsh!"
I got this as a sampler! I love the natural Edge and rate it as one of my favorites, but this maduro, to me, fell short. Too acrid and harsh!
John in Edmonton Canada December 4, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Corojo
"Great flavors and burn, slight caveat"
Another stick that gives full flavors without killing you with spice. These have been my go to, and up until recently construction has been as great as the flavors. But my B%26M recently got a batch with serious construction issues. I'm hoping it was a case of improper handling on the B%26M's part, but I'm going to be paying closer attention to future purchases of this one.
Joe in Boston November 17, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
"Declining Quality"
This was my favorite cigar but the last three orders have been terrible. Most important to me is that they are now hard to draw. The draw used to be great. The bad draw causes the cigars to be bitter and have to be re-lighted all the time. I've even cut them in half and it doesn't help. A nice smoke has become a real mess. A sign of our times I guess. I've written to Rocky. They don't respond. These are too expensive for this. They are off my list now. Very sad.
Jeff in Los Angeles July 2, 2012
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