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Rocky Patel The Edge Reviews

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Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
"Maduro problems"
Enjoy the corojo..ordered maduro for a change..soggy consistency..need to air for a few days out of the humidor...a few too tight draw to smoke...uneven burn...despite that...great taste.
Joel A in Ringoes,NJ. April 3, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
"Bad Experience"
While I was smoking each of these cigars the wrapper started pealing off as I smoked. Something has changed and this cigar is not the one I used to smoke. Rocky has some nerve charging over $100 for a bow of these. Terrible !!
Marc in Durango Co March 27, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
"Leather and Spice"
I understand what they are trying to accomplish here, and i think they did well, just not my favorite. It did, despit my best efforts, go out on me with about 1/3 left. I have one left, I will try it again.
Robert in Boise March 26, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
My first Rp and first full flavor. I was not blown away but i enjoyed the cigar. I will keep a couple on hand. I see this as a great smoke as i do yard work.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 11, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo
"Not very good"
I hope it was just a bad stick but... The draw was so tight, I had to "de plug" it. Got a nice amount of smoke from it after that. Burn was great, stick looked and felt very well constructed. Taste was mediocre at best. At about the half way point it began leaving an odd acidic after taste. To the point I felt I needed to cleanse my palate before continuing. I set it down for good right after getting into the last third. Had a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. I will try my other stick.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 11, 2012 November 11, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
"Very Good"
Smoked 15 and have only had an even burn on 1! Everything else about the cigar is excellent!
Sergeant Major in South Carolina October 19, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
"Great Cigar"
Burn on this cigar was excellent. Consistency was great. Draw was difficult at first, but once it got through the first third and warmed up, it was good. Highly recommend this full-bodied cigar.
Mugsy in New Jersey October 4, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
RAY in HERMITAGE PA. July 21, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo
"Truly Amazing"
A truly amazing cigar. Complex yet very smooth, steady draw, long lasting, great constructing, over all appearance, and consistency. I will be buying this one again with out a doubt.I only have one minor issue and perhaps it was because of the place I purchased it half way through the cigar it began to unravel but I wont hold this against manufacture I believe the retailer is the issue here.
Jon in Minneapolis July 13, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
I believe this cigar should be rated much higher than it is. I?ve smoked cigars that were rated 100 in every area that weren?t nearly as satisfying The Edge. The draw is effortless from beginning to end. I hate a cigar that you have to collapse your cheeks to get a mouth full of smoke. The taste is consistent from beginning to end, ( strong, but not overpowering). The appearance and construction are great, and this is the most consistent cigar I?ve smoked to date. It seems every one of these cigars have been just as consistent as the one before it and they have all been consistent with each other. NO bad ones! Ken
Ken in Arkansas June 26, 2011
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