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Rocky Patel The Edge Reviews

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Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo
"Truly Amazing"
A truly amazing cigar. Complex yet very smooth, steady draw, long lasting, great constructing, over all appearance, and consistency. I will be buying this one again with out a doubt.I only have one minor issue and perhaps it was because of the place I purchased it half way through the cigar it began to unravel but I wont hold this against manufacture I believe the retailer is the issue here.
Jon in Minneapolis July 13, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
I believe this cigar should be rated much higher than it is. I?ve smoked cigars that were rated 100 in every area that weren?t nearly as satisfying The Edge. The draw is effortless from beginning to end. I hate a cigar that you have to collapse your cheeks to get a mouth full of smoke. The taste is consistent from beginning to end, ( strong, but not overpowering). The appearance and construction are great, and this is the most consistent cigar I?ve smoked to date. It seems every one of these cigars have been just as consistent as the one before it and they have all been consistent with each other. NO bad ones! Ken
Ken in Arkansas June 26, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
"The best"
If you want a big flavor cigar this hasn't been beaten by any other in 40 years.
Maurice L. Newman in Midwest April 6, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
Stacey P in North Carolina April 4, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Missile
"I am a big fan of the edge but not this one!"
Mediocre draw mixed with a simplistic flavor. I just wasn't very impressed with the Maduro wrapper yet I absolutely love the natural wrapper Edge!
Mark S in Texas March 30, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
"great cigar"
I just finished a box of these and I didn't have a single problem with one cigar. I would recommend a large ring guage. GREAT CIGAR!
Whit in Atlanta March 5, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro
"An uneventful powerhouse"
Am smoking one (the maduro) right now that I have aged for two years. It is definately the fullest - bodied cigar I have smoked to date, even eclipsing the El Cobre with it's heavy, copious amounts of smoke. Draw, burn, and construction are perfect. However, beyond a heavy wood/tobacco taste there is not much in the way of complexity and the finish is rather bitter. If you are looking for a straight powerhouse tobacco flavor from light to nub this might be the one for you. If you are looking for interesting or eventful, I'd pass on this one.
Dave C. in Beaufort, SC March 4, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
"Fine Cigar"
I had tried the Maduro Edge previously and do like this one better as I prefer a spicy wrapper. Both are great cigars though with a nice even slow burn, lots of aromatic smoke and a good flavor. I didn't find this to be nearly as powerful as advertised, but it was plenty strong and complex. Taking your time, you can definitely get 90 minutes out of this cigar.
Jackson in California January 18, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
"beautiful cigar"
great taste ...nice burn, but the draw on the one i smoked was impossible
richard in camarillo ca January 13, 2011
Rocky Patel Edge Battalion
The other guy must have gotten an old,uncared for,cigar. I've had dozens of these in the last 3 years or so and have never been disappointed.
James McFarlane in Clovis, California January 10, 2011
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