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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Reviews

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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
"Great Mild Smoke"
Great smoke! I got this one in a sampler and let it mellow @69% for a week or so. Mine had a great burn, almost perfect ash, mild but very flavorful and subtly sweet finish. The draw was a little light, but it didn't get hot and there was plenty of tasty smoke. I had to knock the ash off after the 1st third, taste was consistent throughout and very enjoyable. I tend to prefer med-full cigars, but am finding a few with a stout filler and CT wrapper that I really like. This is one of them, along with the 601 White Label, HC CT and maybe AB CT.
Steven in NC, USA October 10, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto
"Leaves nothing to be desired"
Still impressed. Forgot about one of these and it sat in my humi for about 9 months. Over that time the seal gave and this cigar saw less than favorable storage conditions. Re-humidified it for a few weeks and it came right back. Perfect burn, great light flavor. I love how you can let this cigar sit for 5 mins or more, pick it up, and immediately have a mouthful of thick, creamy smoke. The ash will grow to 2 +!
Doug in St Cloud June 3, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
Pleasantly surprised at how good and consistent the smoke was. Another cigar to add to my rotation when I want a mellow smoke that doesn't overpower.
Cal in Kentucky May 29, 2013
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Double Corona
"Great Cigar"
My wife bought me one for Fathers Day 3 years ago. Found it to be one of my favorites. Great taste, smooth draw. The type of cigar I could smoke for 90 minute and light another. One of Rocky's Finest.
Randy in Round Lake Park Illinois June 28, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto
The Edge Light is a mild cigar. It was the first cigars I bought by the box. I wanted to try something mild before I moved into the fuller cigars. I thought it was decent, for a mild cigar The taste was "alright". It had a good, even burn, good draw, construction, and they looked good. Only complaint was that when I received my cigars, a couple of them had little green spots on the wrapper. I think I'm going to move more towards medium and full bodied cigars at this point. I just ordered a box of Rocky Patel Cuban Blends.
Chip in Savannah, Georgia February 24, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto
"not a big rocky fan......but"
the first rp i liked, hay for a lite cigar this thing had nice flavor, the burn and draw were good, i smoked 3 of them they seemed all consistant, not bad at all, i will look for them in a slighty larger size...and i"ll try them again
russell in brigantine,nj February 17, 2012
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
"Fantastic Cigar, Price Rising"
For those who like Dunhill Aged Dominican, Ashton classic, LFD Mambises, this is your cigar. Ignore those who don't like it because it doesn't give you nicotine sweats. It's a perfect subtle, complex, mild to medium cigar!
Overworked in Pasadean May 18, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto
"Great cigar for beginners and more!"
The Edge Lite was one of the very first cigars I ever smoked when I started years ago. I've been a fan ever since. Though I've ventured into much stronger cigars and enjoyed those, I always have a few Edge Lites in my humidor when I'm just looking for a light but flavorful cigar. A must have for me!
Mark in USA April 14, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Double Corona
"smokestack of kansas"
a definite favorite. smooth and mild yet full of flavor. You wont regret this purchase!
kyle in wichita, ks April 7, 2011
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Torpedo
"Great... if you let it sit for a few months"
I purchased this 5 pack and the first one I smoked was rough. It was allot more bitter then I remembered it from my first edge lite long ago. SO, I left the other four in the humidor for about 3 months with the cellophane off and I tried another just last night and WOW what a difference! It was smooth, light, and leathery. If you not a fan of bitter smokes, I recommend to anyone to let them sit unwrapped in their humidor for at least 3 months before smoking. Trust me...
Tom R in New Mexico February 11, 2011
Amilcar Perez Castro
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