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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Reviews

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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Battalion
"Smoking Cigars for about 35 years, Greatest smoke"
One of the Best cigars I've ever smoked!
Ranny in Birmingham , alabama January 22, 2010
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
"A great smoke"
I won a box in an auction - curiosity paid off. This is a nice smoke, and similar to an Ashton, I thought.
Deacon2 in Lake Forest, CA January 4, 2010
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
i"m mainly a maduro smoker naturals dont seem to satisfy my taste,i got one of these in a variety pack and having enjoyed "the edge" gave it a try, upon light up it was slightly bitter and i mean slightly, and sweet at the same time (it balanced out well) wich changed after a few puffs into a mild ceader creamy taste throughout till the end. it defintly satisfied my taste buds!!! nice burn and tight ash for the first couple inches then burn turned slightly irregular (angled) middle to end also half way through the upper part of the wrapper started to un ravel a bit, i"ve had that happen to the best now and again, overall good smoke i will try a 5 pack in spite of the inperfections of this one stick, TOO GOOD TO GIVE UP ON !!
frank s. in phila. pa November 1, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto
"Very consistant!"
I have smoked two boxes of these and I'm here to say if you are looking for a great mild cigar...this is it, look no further. My brother-in-law turned me on to these a year and a half ago and I have never been dissapointed. Consistant draw and can leave it for a few minutes and easily puff it back to life with the same consistancy. I have never had to relight this cigar. As the name implies this is a "Lite" cigar so don't look to be knocked over by its complexity, just a good smooth smoke! Great for a beginner who wants to get into cigars.
Aaron in Atlanta GA April 24, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Double Corona
SKEETER435 in KANAB, UT April 21, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
One of my favourites is the Maduro Edge version so I thought I'd give the 'lite' a try. The construction and draw is excellent. On light up, the first draw is pleasant and so continues until the last third where the flavour starts to bite back. On the topic of flavour - as the name says, it's lite - almost non-descript - overall, a good addition to my collection.
Joe in Ottawa - Canada April 21, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Torpedo
"All time favorite!"
This cigar and the others in the "The Edge Lite" line are my current favorite. They can't be beat for flavor, draw or aroma. They stay lit forever! Whoever says they don't like them or says they are a "sissy smoke" either has no taste buds or is just plain wrong.
Jim B. in Surprise, AZ February 18, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Double Corona
"Burns absolutely perfect..."
Great smoke if your experiencing strong cigar overload. These burn and draw absolutely perfect, and have a nice mild to medium flavor. Great with a light beer. Unfortuneately, they are priced a bit high.
Mundo in Hamilton, OH January 22, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Double Corona
"Smooth, quality, taste"
One fine cigar. Save them for Saturday's morning coffee.
Nick in Clovis, CA January 19, 2009
Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro
"Winner for a Conneticut wrap..."
I am a Maduro smoker, but got these in the 14 pack sampler (highly recommended), & truly enjoyed the smoke. Rich & creamy with a perfect draw and no burn issues. I recommend these for you natural wrapper lovers!
One Putt in Mo. December 29, 2008
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