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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"GREAT Mild Cigar!"
This cigar is a Great mild cigar for anyone! I have purchased a few boxes of these and I have never had a bad one. Very consistent from box to box, ALWAYS draw and burn well. A solid cigar. It is mild, so someone looking for more punch may need to look for something else, but this is a perfect mild cigar. I have tried many and this is still my favorite light smoke. I always have plenty in the humidor, and I have converted many others to the Edge with a single smoke, FANTASTIC!
Mark in Kentucky November 8, 2014
"Leaves nothing to be desired"
Still impressed. Forgot about one of these and it sat in my humi for about 9 months. Over that time the seal gave and this cigar saw less than favorable storage conditions. Re-humidified it for a few weeks and it came right back. Perfect burn, great light flavor. I love how you can let this cigar sit for 5 mins or more, pick it up, and immediately have a mouthful of thick, creamy smoke. The ash will grow to 2 +!
Doug in St Cloud June 3, 2013
The Edge Light is a mild cigar. It was the first cigars I bought by the box. I wanted to try something mild before I moved into the fuller cigars. I thought it was decent, for a mild cigar The taste was "alright". It had a good, even burn, good draw, construction, and they looked good. Only complaint was that when I received my cigars, a couple of them had little green spots on the wrapper. I think I'm going to move more towards medium and full bodied cigars at this point. I just ordered a box of Rocky Patel Cuban Blends.
Chip in Savannah, Georgia February 24, 2012
"not a big rocky fan......but"
the first rp i liked, hay for a lite cigar this thing had nice flavor, the burn and draw were good, i smoked 3 of them they seemed all consistant, not bad at all, i will look for them in a slighty larger size...and i"ll try them again
russell in brigantine,nj February 17, 2012
"Great cigar for beginners and more!"
The Edge Lite was one of the very first cigars I ever smoked when I started years ago. I've been a fan ever since. Though I've ventured into much stronger cigars and enjoyed those, I always have a few Edge Lites in my humidor when I'm just looking for a light but flavorful cigar. A must have for me!
Mark in USA April 14, 2011
"The Edge Light"
Huge fan of RP Edge cigars. I love the maduro and thought I would try the "Lite" since Famous Smoke has such a great price on it. It is a mild smoke, I didn't really care for it. I enjoy a stronger smoke but you can't buy any RP Edge for this price. If you enjoy a mild cigar it may be for you.
Scott in Columbia SC February 1, 2011
Henry A Gourgues in United States June 29, 2010
"...very nice..."
I usually smoke the Edge Maduro and decided to try the 'Lite' version. It has the same construction as the Madura, albeit not the black oily wrapper. The pre-light fragrance was very nice as was the draw. A colleague of mine commented that that this cigar had a pleasant smell - a good thing to hear from a by-stander. I'll be getting some more.
Joe in Ottawa May 27, 2010
"Great Mild Cigar"
Rocky is a great mild cigar. It has a smooth draw and great flavor. If you love mild this is for you. Make sure to smoke it slow at the end or you lose the taste.
Eric in Richmond, IN March 25, 2010
"Very consistant!"
I have smoked two boxes of these and I'm here to say if you are looking for a great mild cigar...this is it, look no further. My brother-in-law turned me on to these a year and a half ago and I have never been dissapointed. Consistant draw and burn...you can leave it for a few minutes and easily puff it back to life with the same consistancy. I have never had to relight this cigar. As the name implies this is a "Lite" cigar so don't look to be knocked over by its complexity, just a good smooth smoke! Great for a beginner who wants to get into cigars.
Aaron in Atlanta GA April 24, 2009
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10 Construction (94) 100
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