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Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Great... if you let it sit for a few months"
I purchased this 5 pack and the first one I smoked was rough. It was allot more bitter then I remembered it from my first edge lite long ago. SO, I left the other four in the humidor for about 3 months with the cellophane off and I tried another just last night and WOW what a difference! It was smooth, light, and leathery. If you not a fan of bitter smokes, I recommend to anyone to let them sit unwrapped in their humidor for at least 3 months before smoking. Trust me...
Tom R in New Mexico February 11, 2011
Long burn, as the previous reviewer noted, but only average taste. The Edge Lite is mild, to be sure, but too mild -- I really couldn't taste any distinguishing flavor or body behind an otherwise flat tobacco taste.
Ben in MA July 22, 2010
"not the 93 I thought I'd purchased"
Based on the reviews of other customers, I expected this cigar to be a great smoke. Lit it up and just wasn't nearly as pleased. Bad taste, poor construction and veins all over the wrapper. Yet it had great burn and great consistency. I think maybe I just had a bad stick.
Ty in Central California March 8, 2010
"All time favorite!"
This cigar and the others in the "The Edge Lite" line are my current favorite. They can't be beat for flavor, draw or aroma. They stay lit forever! Whoever says they don't like them or says they are a "sissy smoke" either has no taste buds or is just plain wrong.
Jim B. in Surprise, AZ February 18, 2009
"Medium Bodied Goodness"
Right out the box, The Edge Lite Torpedo is good to light. The draw was very easy and the aroma is wonderful. Strong ash past the halfway mark and the taste was smooth. Great Smoke, they will develop with a couple of months of rest in my box. Thanks Famous keep these boxes of 20 in stock.
Edward in NJ November 14, 2008
"Lite on taste early fills out late"
As a Canuck, I am able to compare cigars from every country, and this one reminds me quite a bit of the H. Upmann Caronas Major. The flavor is very lite, I believe it was the slightly loose roll that contributed to that. If it was rolled a bit tighter then I think they would have a better smooth taste to these. The flavor fills out at the 80% mark though to start pulling leathery cream into larger amounts of mouth-watering mild strength smoke. It is about an hour for the robusto size. Draw was well, for light roll, as well as burn (straight and no relight). If you are new to cigars and want to start somewhere, these are a good place, a little pricy though.
Adam Z in Edmonton, AB, Canada June 11, 2008
"Truely great Smoke"
A great anytime of day smoke. construction is not the best but the smokes never a let down..
Brendan B in Boston February 6, 2008
"Going to get my 3rd box soon"
These are great mild cigars! Great taste and easy smoking cigars. The previous reviewer indicated bitter and I can understand. When smoking them fast they can turn bitter about 50% of the way down. Take it slow on the finish and they smoke great all they way to the nub. I was so impressed with the 1st box, I bought a 2nd and let it sit for 3-4 months while I smoked lots else. I neglected to remove the plastic padding in this 2nd box which gave the 1st 2 sticks a real bad flavor. Once from the box to the humi for a month, all was well again. Great smokes! Check the box for padding. The boxes/packing are real cheap -- who cares?! -- The sticks are fabulous!
Jim Buckley in Plymouth, MA November 24, 2007
Leaves a bitter after taste but has a great aroma, is the trade off worth it.... not for me and not for that price.
The Factor in beaverton oregon June 20, 2007
"Fantastic smoke, smooth yet bold!"
This is a must smoke. I have tried many cigars over the last 15 years and this is a top 5! A smooth draw, clean, flavorful taste.
Greg Rugani in OH May 3, 2007
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