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Rocky Patel The Edge Missile Corojo Reviews [view details]

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"As Cuban as you can get in stregnth."
This cigar was amazing, while the smoke was without flavor, it was extremely heavy in body. The cigar hit just as hard as a one from Habana. It's stronger than a Fuente Anejo by a hair, the burn was extremely consistant and a wonderful prelight draw and aroma. For the price, a very good slugger.
J.L. in Ann Arbor, Michigan September 16, 2007
After sampling 4 of these highly rated sticks I can honestly say that I'm not very impressed. Rocky's cigars are usually better. They smelled good and tasted sweet before lighting them. They started out OK but after a few puffs they started to burn at a severe angle. I tried everything to try and get them to burn evenly with no luck. Each one burnt at about 60 degrees to the center line of the cigar for about 3/4 the legnth. All 4 burnt with the same 60 degree pattern. Maybe it was just the batch? I'll wait a while before I try another of these.
Papa in Romeoville, IL July 27, 2007
I absolutely love strong, peppery/sweet Ligero based sticks. This is one. Better than the overrated Gurkha X3 but not quite as refined as La Flor Dominicas Ligero/Double-Ligero series but still a keeper. This is the kind of cigar you save for after a Porterhouse Steak dinner or better yet, an uber-dark cup of coffee/espresso. Your head will swim, your toes will curl and you'll think about your next one. Definitely not for beginners or those who like "mild & mellow".
TeeJay in Lincoln, R.I. May 3, 2007
"average cigar"
I thought this would have been a better smoke, not a lot of flavor, big draw, the kind where the cigar feels kind of empty when inhaling. I really thought this was going to be better, had a nice smell and sweetness before I lit it.
Richard in miami January 8, 2007
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10 Construction (89) 100
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