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Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Reviews [view details]

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"The best value in a full body cigar."
These powerful smokes are my favorite everyday cigar. I've smoked 8 boxes of these over the past year and the consistency in construction, flavor, draw, ash is excellent. It burns so uniformly, you can hold a 3 inch plus ash on these bad boys - that's what she said! Bou-ya!
Kent in Gonzales, Louisiana March 5, 2008
My favorite - makes my cigar smoking colleagues jealous as they draw on the 'famous brands' - I enjoy the slow burn and rich flavour at a reasonable price.
Joe in Ottawa Canada February 27, 2008
ROBERT in JACKSON, TN. February 19, 2008
"Great cigar"
These are great! It is strong but not overpowering. Fantastic taste and no burn or draw problems. Top notch smoke at a reasonable price.
G. Morgan in Kansas City February 7, 2008
Not a bad cigar, just doesn't live up to the hype. Decent burn & draw, but flavor not what I expected. Over priced. I think I'll stick with Punch Maduros or Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Gold.
Ben K in Monroe,LA May 5, 2007
"A solid 9!"
Very good construction, burn and taste. I don't think it is a every day cigar but once or twice a week. I give it a solid 9.
Greg L. in April 15, 2007
Yum! this is one of the most flavor packed toro's I have ever smoked!Loaded with nuances that hit the nose as well as the palate,not to mention the stunnig maduro wrapper with its satin finish makes it almost appear edible. This Rock Patel guy knows something other cigar makers do not. Excellent smoke on all levels!Start your "Nub" piles on your deck today.
Kevin.W. in Naperville,IL April 14, 2007
"Outstanding Cigar"
One of the best full bodied cigars I have ever puffed on! Great construction, draw, appearance, price, and flavor. Love it. Keep up the good work Rocky!!
Robert in Tampa, FL December 23, 2006
"King of the mountain"
I am fairly young for a cigar smoker but I started stealing my grandfathers cigars when I was 10 so I have been at it for 25+ years. You name it and I have most likely had at least one of whatever brand there is, but the Rocky Patel Edge Toro has made it to the top of my list and may never be knocked down. This is the first cigar I not only enjoy smoking I actually think about it during the day, and look forward to my next one. Excellent smooth yet full and complex flavor, and an even burn make this one very hard to beat.
Blain Connor in TX December 22, 2006
A friend shared one of these beauties with me after dinner the other night. What a wonderful suprise. It's deep flavor suprised me but as I enjoy a full bodied cigar I was well pleased. It is not a cigar for the novice but if you enjoy a truly full flavored smoke you have to try this one. I am ordering more.
Russell in Memphis November 22, 2006
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Construction (92) 100
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