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Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Reviews [view details]

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As always, I have tried to like RP s all sizes and all shapes. No exception this time. NO TASTE. 90+ burn, draw, construction, but nothing on the palate. This is my 5th RP and NEVER AGAIN. Love Famous Dom. 1000 MUCH better.
Arthur in CA June 27, 2014
"Soggy, Uneven burn, Constant Relighting"
Maduros are soggy..packed too tight.. Uneven burn..Must keep relighting..Terrible draw.
Joel Albert in Ringoes, NJ September 3, 2013
When I got them they were over humidified and wouldn't stay lit. Left them out of the humidor per Famous Smoke instructions and the wrapper split. They did nothing to make it right I will go somewhere else for cigars. Disappointed
Mike in Alba TX August 6, 2013
"Maduro problems"
Enjoy the corojo..ordered maduro for a change..soggy consistency..need to air for a few days out of the humidor...a few too tight draw to smoke...uneven burn...despite that...great taste.
Joel A in Ringoes,NJ. April 3, 2012
My first Rp and first full flavor. I was not blown away but i enjoyed the cigar. I will keep a couple on hand. I see this as a great smoke as i do yard work.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 11, 2012
"An uneventful powerhouse"
Am smoking one (the maduro) right now that I have aged for two years. It is definately the fullest - bodied cigar I have smoked to date, even eclipsing the El Cobre with it's heavy, copious amounts of smoke. Draw, burn, and construction are perfect. However, beyond a heavy wood/tobacco taste there is not much in the way of complexity and the finish is rather bitter. If you are looking for a straight powerhouse tobacco flavor from light to nub this might be the one for you. If you are looking for interesting or eventful, I'd pass on this one.
Dave C. in Beaufort, SC March 4, 2011
"great smoke"
My first Rocky Patel. Very pleasing experience. Easy draw, good aroma, flavorful, burns evenly. Not my best smoke and won't change from my primary brand, but a good addition to my collection. Average priced.
rick in birmingham alaabama December 2, 2010
"Stopped Looking"
Of all my years of looking for a great smoke. This is it. Bravo!!!!!!!!
Tony Graziosi in Long Island , NY November 21, 2010
"What a smoke should be!"
Perfectly constructed, beautiful seamless wrapper, lights well, draws great, lasts and stays lit. All round perfect smoke. Not normally a RP smoker but with a couple more of these and I may just switch brands!
Tim P in Elizabethton, TN September 17, 2010
"Great cigar"
Rocky Patel Edge Toro Carojo..best cigar I've had in a long time..tried them all over 20 years....full body....great burn...wish they were cello wrapped...need to be careful carrying them in a case. Great cigar to have with scotch or bourbon.
Joel in NJ August 3, 2010
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10 Construction (92) 100
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