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Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo Reviews [view details]

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"Declining Quality"
This was my favorite cigar but the last three orders have been terrible. Most important to me is that they are now hard to draw. The draw used to be great. The bad draw causes the cigars to be bitter and have to be re-lighted all the time. I've even cut them in half and it doesn't help. A nice smoke has become a real mess. A sign of our times I guess. I've written to Rocky. They don't respond. These are too expensive for this. They are off my list now. Very sad.
Jeff in Los Angeles July 2, 2012
"Bad Experience"
While I was smoking each of these cigars the wrapper started pealing off as I smoked. Something has changed and this cigar is not the one I used to smoke. Rocky has some nerve charging over $100 for a bow of these. Terrible !!
Marc in Durango Co March 27, 2012
"Leather and Spice"
I understand what they are trying to accomplish here, and i think they did well, just not my favorite. It did, despit my best efforts, go out on me with about 1/3 left. I have one left, I will try it again.
Robert in Boise March 26, 2012
I believe this cigar should be rated much higher than it is. I?ve smoked cigars that were rated 100 in every area that weren?t nearly as satisfying The Edge. The draw is effortless from beginning to end. I hate a cigar that you have to collapse your cheeks to get a mouth full of smoke. The taste is consistent from beginning to end, ( strong, but not overpowering). The appearance and construction are great, and this is the most consistent cigar I?ve smoked to date. It seems every one of these cigars have been just as consistent as the one before it and they have all been consistent with each other. NO bad ones! Ken
Ken in Arkansas June 26, 2011
"Fine Cigar"
I had tried the Maduro Edge previously and do like this one better as I prefer a spicy wrapper. Both are great cigars though with a nice even slow burn, lots of aromatic smoke and a good flavor. I didn't find this to be nearly as powerful as advertised, but it was plenty strong and complex. Taking your time, you can definitely get 90 minutes out of this cigar.
Jackson in California January 18, 2011
"Almost perfect cigar"
Never tried these before...picked it up on sight and was stunned by the taste. I've been smoking cigars for over 20 years...not prone to trying new things...but just the appearance attracted me to this great cigar. Stands up to a scotch or bourbon beautifully...not for girly men.
JHA in Ringoes,N.J August 10, 2010
"Schizophrinic Cigar"
At it's best this is my favorite cigar and at it's worst I toss it without finishing it. One of the most inconsistent cigars I have smoked both in burn and draw. When one burns without flaming out about half way down my eyes roll back in my head and I savor the full flavor of a great cigar. Unfortunately about one quarter of these cigars are duds. Rocky should straighten this out asap. I must be a schizo also because I keep buying them!
Marc P in Houston July 9, 2010
"Blissfully Good! Great taste and draw!"
This cigar has a great draw and an unbelievably good taste.
Ernesto in Miami, FL November 27, 2008
"These may have been great once..."
Just tried a couple toros from a 5 pack. First one was great, light in body and nice aroma, reasonably complex. Second one was weak in both body and aroma. Almost like smoking an R y J Vintage it was THAT light in body. Maybe back when these were first introduced these rocked, but unless my taste sensitivity is going thru the roof lately these are just too light for me. And forget about the "knock you on your ass" lore around these. The two I had were pretty weak. Nice smoking again, not bad taste, but not living up to the hype and for the price I can find a smoke just as light, airy and dry as these without having to pony up 95 + bucks for the name. Just an opinion, but the 92's have more body and character and are just as "strong" for whatever that's worth.
Jacob in Twin Cities June 13, 2008
"great cigar and great price"
this is a great cigar. it's hard to believe that you can get a cigar of this quality for this price. i say this is as good cigar as any that retail at 30 dollars a stick. i went into a cigar shop and sampled about 25 different brands and this is as good as padron #9. padron #9 is the only cigar, in my opinion, that is competition for the edge.
mike in louisiana May 2, 2008
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10 Construction (88) 100
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