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Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"As Good As It Gets"
Stopped by my local humidor, Havanna Connections, yesterday during my lunch hour. Needed something to help me the the stresses of work. Sat back and enjoyed one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I have tried Series R #5, Partagas, Cohiba, CAO Maduro and Brazilia and even some Cubans and nothing compares to this one. For the money it is as good as it gets.
Tony in Richmond September 11, 2008
"Only had one, but love it!"
I have to say that I have smoked several vintage 1990 and 1992 Patels and at first smoke was blown away. I have since had more and they have been inconsistent as I had a terrible draw and ended up frustrated rather than enjoying my smoke. I was therefore hesitant to try the Edge, but was convinced at my local cigar lounge by the owner. I have to say I am truly enjoying this smoke as I write this review. I only paid five bucks and the draw is great and the taste is what I'd expect. I will certainly try more of these and only hope I have the same smoke as the first one. I'm smoking the maduro which is fantastic!
Kevin in Denver July 15, 2008
I've had a couple that were the best smoke I ever tried but I have also had more than one that ran, and smoke alike I was tring to suck a watermelon through a straw. They are great when they smoke right but not so hot when they don't.
Jeff in Chino Hills CA June 3, 2008
"i like em"
very nice full flavored smoke,not for the faint of heart,i like em
allen in bonita springs fl April 22, 2008
"Are you people serious!!!"
obviously the people leaving reviews of this cigar on here work for Rocky Patel. I cant think of ever smoking a more disgusting cigar in my life. Im serious when i say, it tastes like perfume. Must be the black dye they use to make it look so dark. I wont even try to explain how bad it runs and how many times i had to light it before throwing away half the cigar. I smoked 2 of these and will never be able to look at another Rocky Patel, even with having much better experiences with their other cigars in the past.
Manny in Miami April 16, 2008
"As good as any Cuban"
This cigar is for the experienced full bodied smoker,,,not for the feint of heart. The flavor is as good as any Cuban,,,the draw is excellent and for the price of this incredible smoke,,,you need never salivate over a Cuban cigar as I have tried the best of the Cuban brands,,,this cigar is as good if not better. Save your money and buy a box!
Gary in Atlanta April 10, 2008
"One of the best smokes I've had!"
I actually got this smoke as freebie. No big deal. I've smoked a couple of RP's in the passed and were not impressed. I lit this stick up last night on a whim not expecting much... Boy was I surprised! It's a bold smoke, with a hint of leather. The draw was perfect. And it got grew more mellow as it burned. I smoked it down to the nub.
John in Salt Lake City March 13, 2008
"Excellent Smoke !!"
One great smoke, a nice bold cigar with great taste and a great finish....
George F. in Riverhead, NY February 5, 2008
"I'm hooked"
If you want a full body, great draw, outstanding taste smoke without breaking the bank, try it once. You will be HOOKED !!!
Frank in Holbrook, New York January 9, 2008
I had my first last night with a Glenfiddich. Absolutely Fantastic! Get them back soon so I can buy a box!!
John in Orange Park FL January 9, 2008
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