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Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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I think greg has this cigar confused with another. The Edge is my new favorite smoke. It has a great aroma, taste, draw, and price! It is one of the cheaper ones, yet is one of the better. I also really appreciate that they are packed very tight, with almost no give when squeezed, yet have a wonderful draw every time. Because of this, it is a very slow burn, providing a long smoke and a super strong ash. I love everything about this cigar.
Jonathan in Simi Valley, Ca October 26, 2007
vey bad taste...very bad aroma...very bad price. this cigar gave me a headache and a wallet ache. i'll stick with R Y J RES REAL.
greg in los angeles September 27, 2007
"Excellent cigar."
A very, VERY good cigar. I've only sampled a few so far, but each has been top notch in all ways. No complaints at all. Someone who likes full flavored cigars couldn't go wrong by picking the Edge.
Jason in Youngstown August 30, 2007
"One of the best cigars I've had so far."
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Full flavored with a wonderful aroma. The whole box smoked great and I have just ordered another box. Good stuff!
Vincent Caccavo in TN May 15, 2007
"A Fine Maduro"
The cigar is constructed very well, the ash burns even and the taste is, while not full flavor is very good . Try five!
G. LaFrance in IL April 22, 2007
"I Liked Everything About It"
I ran into a guy at a local cigar shop the other day and he was working his way through one of these cigars. He was convinced that I would like it so thought I would try one. What a great smoke. Everything about this cigar is top-shelf. Consistent burn, good construction, easy draw and outstanding taste. I don't know that you can buy a better full-flavored cigar at this price. It smokes and taste as good as cigars costing twice as much. It's at the top of my current favorites list.
Boxtakilla in Tulsa, OK April 4, 2006
"A Real Treat"
This was a marvel of construction. Perfect draw, amazing burn, beautiful ash, and a great flavor. It wasn't the most complex cigar I've ever have smoked but it tasted great with a really nice finish. I recommend this and it will always be welcome in my humidor.
Jason in Louisiana August 13, 2005
"another rocky patel super cigar"
one fine smoke. full bodied, spicey, super taste. hard to find a better smoke.
joseph giddings in scotland neck, north carolina August 12, 2005
ALAN T. in CA May 26, 2005
"Strong but Odd"
This reminded me of the CAO Extreme; it is a powerful smoke, but it has an odd aftertaste that I can't quite put my finger on. It may be the preponderance of ligero leaf in the blend. I prefer strong blends, but this was not my favorite.
Mike M. in Minneapolis April 22, 2005
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Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (94) 100
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