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Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Juniors (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Great smoke!"
You just can't beat a Rocky Patel no matter what the size. I would definitely order these again. They were really good with a big frosty mug of Yuengling Lager.
Ray in Alabama June 16, 2011
"good cigar"
got a 5 pack tin and loved them
in January 4, 2011
Great tasting little cigar just as good as the bigger ones the draws a little to tight for me but other then that there excellent!!!
in Oregon April 28, 2010
"Great taste, yet dissapointing construction"
After smoking several tins of the RP vintage 1990s, I noticed several positives, as well as some very big negatives. POSITIVES: The taste of the cigar itself is wonderful. A good medium-full smoke that lasts anywhere from 20-45 minutes. They have a very nice draw that allows just the right amount of smoke. NEGATIVES: While the two rings are very nice looking, the adhesive is too powerful. Out of two packs, I have only had one cigar where the wrapper did not rip while removing the farthest ring. Considering how small these cigars are, it can really ruin a good portion of it. It was very disappointing considering the reputation these cigars have. Also, the burn was not as consistent as I would have liked. I prefer a cigar that burns evenly, whereas these seemed to burn a bit lopsided, and required some maintenance. The bottom line: these cigars are very tasty, but the overall construction is lacking. If you are only going to smoke half of the cigar, this is the buy for you. Otherwise, skip it and go for the full sized RP.
Chris in Vermont May 3, 2009
"Great smooth cigar"
Great cigar for after dinner or just for relaxing with a drink.
Steve in Rhode Island August 8, 2008
"You gotta try these"
You gotta try these. A lot of flavor from a little smoke. This is perfect for driving home or to work. VERY well made. Tight enough so that the draw keeps you from smoking it too quickly. Worth trying.
Auto Smoker in NJ January 15, 2008
"For a small cigar in a tin, it is excellent"
This is not as good a cigar as the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Petite Corona, but considering the price, it is excellent and is about as close as you can get to the real thing. It seems to be put together a little looser and therefore draws with little effort, but at the same time gets a little hot/harsh as you smoke it.
Jerry in Austin, TX November 26, 2007
"the best juniors...ever(?)"
These juniors are great, as are the larger versions...I buy a lot of the "junior" versions of my faves so that I can enjoy a smoke on a coffee brake at work or so I can give a friend who smokes cigars a sample of a good cigar...the problem is that not all good cigars have a "junior" version that really give you a good idea of what the bigger cigar is all about...for instance, the CAO Brazillia cariocas just do not give you the same flavor as the bigger ones. And CAO Cammaroon petites...why did they have to go so small? They taste good but burn fast and are over very quick...punch makes a good one and so does Padron...but in my oppinion, this R.P. Vintage '90 junior is the best representative of its larger counerparts and I cant get enough of these.
Jon in New Jersey September 29, 2007
"You gotta try this smoke"
Whats not to like about this smoke? This is one cigar that will have it's own place in the humidor for sure. Glad I tried it.
Fred W in Riverside,CA March 9, 2007
"the best cigars i have had"
the best
R H GOODE in VA December 6, 2006
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