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Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Rocky Patel vintage 1990"
With deference to Mr. Patel and other tobacco aficionados and not withstanding high ratings – this is one of the worst smokes I have experienced! But try it anyway…
DBF in Texas January 12, 2013
"Solid Smoke"
This is a good smoke. I'm not convinced it's a great smoke yet because the flavor isn't that complex in my opinion. It's pretty dull. There's no spice, but I prefer that. It's not as creamy as say Perdomo 10th Anniversary. BUT the thing burns sloooooow. I'm 30 minutes in and 1" toasted so far. Amaze balls!
eloo in San Diego, CA November 28, 2012
Great cigar. Immediately became a favorite of mine. Will be purchasing more and will recommend to every cigar smoker I know.
Dylan in Indianapolis May 5, 2012
"Signature Smoke!"
This cigar is by far my favorite. I have yet to get a bad stick as others have mentioned. The closer you get to the end the better it gets. I smoke these down to the nub. My thought is this cigar may be too complex for the novice or unknowing smoker. The profile of the cigar changes and in my opinion every change adds to the already incredible flavor. This thing is a straight 10!
ChuckB in Baltimore December 28, 2011
"Enjoyable cigar"
I have enjoyed several of the Rocky Patels on the patio. Smooth and robust. Gathered more flavors as it burned of chestnut and charred cedar. I do prefer a large ring size for a robusto.
Darrin S in Arizona August 17, 2011
"Great Cigar!"
One of the best!
in August 8, 2011
"Another one note flop from Rocky"
I've tried over and over to enjoy cigars by Rocky but they always fall short. This was no exception, poor draw, poor burn, maybe 4-5 puffs of reasonable flavour, the rest of the cigar was acrid and harsh. I finally threw it away after 2/3. This particular cigar has been aging for over a year and was the last of five, none of which were enjoyable.
Dalydog in Toronto March 12, 2011
"It just doesn't get any better"
This cigar put me on the RP bandwagon in a hurry. It's extremely smooth, yet filled with rich, complex flavor. This is hands down my new "stranded on a desert island" smoke.
Tre in Charlote, NC November 16, 2010
"Vintage Perfection..."
Rockys 1990 Vintage is a work of art, exceptional blending and construction flawless in every way. you are missing a cigar that will stand the test of time if you do not try one. Excellent burn, draw, and a 10 for looks, flavors of earth, mild leather and spice with snips of cedar... mild to med strength a perfect cigar. The Vintage 1990 cigar is worth every penny I would buy them at any amount, a solid 10. do yourself a favor so you have no regrets and smoke a True Classic.
Ken C in Sammamish Washington August 29, 2010
"My Absolute Favorite Cigar"
I received one of these in a sampler. It blew all of the other selections away! I ordered some more along with another more expensive cigar, and again, the Vintage 1990 Robusto left the other in teh dust. I wish these were less expensive (of course) but it is definitely my first choice for a great smoke.
Jimmy G in New York August 27, 2010
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