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Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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this is by far my favorite from rocky patel...
gustavo in texas by the border March 23, 2010
"Stronger smoke than advertised"
I tried one of these Rocky Patel 1990 Robusto cigars recently. The cigar was well made and had a great appearance. The cigar burned consistently and had a decent draw. The cigar was a decent smoke but it was IMHO stronger than a medium rating. The taste was a little heavy and it had a strong after taste that I did not completely enjoy.
Ken in Howard Beach, NY October 27, 2009
Very surprised by this cigar. I mostly smoke Havanas and my past experience of cigars in the US has been ropey, to say the least. I was recommended this cigar by a friend and can honestly say that this Robusto can easily compete with the best Havanas. Recommended!!!
M. MacKinnon in Scotland July 27, 2009
"...a reference smoke..."
A beautiful box pressed shape, nice lightly oiled appearance, wonderful pre-light aroma and welcome feel. On light up, great plumes of smoke rise and the fragrance is inviting. The flavour is complex - sort of sweet and nutty - mellow to within an inch of stub. I explore other brands but this is my reference point.
Joe in Ottawa Canada July 8, 2009
"one of my new favorites"
I sampled these in a sampler and was amazed.
Joe in Streamwood Ill March 1, 2009
"Don't Know"
Went to the swatt meet one weekend. Never notice this guy had a truck converted in to a giant! humidor on wheels. Pretty cool, even carried Padron cigars. I thought I would try this one cause he said it was a nice smoke but will kick you in the ass. not to sure about this one yet have to try it again. Don't really care too much for a boxed pressed cigar, feels like I'm smoking a snickers. I think he did a nice job blending the different flavors together but need to work on the construction a bit more cause mine was loose and it burned too fast to even taste it.
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
"These 1990 Vintages Rock! Atta boy Rocky!"
1990 Vintage Robusto - Oh so sweet. Just delicious, good draw and burn, multi flavors. Don't need liquor or coffee to make this a good smoke, it is by itself. The smoke is very aromatic and will turn heads, well mine at least. A Buddy lit one up on the bow of my sailboat, the wind drifted the smoke down to me, and hoo-boy, made me reach quickly into my jacket for mine. You know how your mouth starts to water when you smell a good cigar. That's what the 1990 Rocky did to me.
SFBay in San Francisco January 14, 2009
"Hard to Beat"
I've read some neg reviews about bad burn. Personally I haven't had that experience with these cigars, but I have run into others that require 3-6 months of humi time to straighten out. Not good if you're wanting to enjoy one the day it arrives. But, if I had to choose one Rocky cigar, it would be this one. Based on all the factors, appearance, burn, draw, taste, construction, wrapper, price........I haven't seen a cigar yet that beats it.
Cliff in Oklahoma January 7, 2009
"Used to be good"
Had 10 out of 2 different boxes all had a terrible draw. Even with Humi time. Rocky's cigars are hit or miss lately and what's up with the 20 cigars per box? Why can't we get 25 per box like other makers or the old days?
Rob in Suffern NY December 4, 2008
"The best ive ever had"
This Cigar has made me stop smoking true Cohiba's, the gold and black one from cuba
PAT in anchorage October 21, 2008
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