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Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Just Ok"
Smooth draw, mild in intensity, but lacking in the aroma and flavor I like. Well constructed and nice appearance.
Randy in Arkansas July 12, 2014
"The most consistent cigar on the market"
Over the past 10 years I have tried a lot of different brands, but this cigar is the most consistent across the board.
Tracy in Luanda Angola June 25, 2014
"Alright Smoke."
Just bought the Robusto 1990 and the Robusto 15th anniversary it was hard to get through both of them they were pretty harsh as a couple other people stated but it seems like people only like the 1990 toros or torpedos so I picked up a 5 pack of those and the taste is completely different.
Kyle Shamlian in Worcester, MA September 11, 2013
I disagree with all the great reviews. This Vintage 1990 was harsh and bitter. I'm hoping the rest of the 5-pack will mellow out with a few months of humidor time. A real appointment.
Stew in Connecticut September 7, 2013
"Good bye Rocky!"
I must be missing something. I've had a few different smokes from Rocky. The Vintage 1990 was harsh, bitter, tasteless, and boring - but was the best one compared to the other dogs**t smokes I had within th Rocky line. Just smoked the last of a 5 pack that had about 10 months of age in one of my perfectly maintained humidors. I typically smoke Camacho Triple Maduro, Liga Undercrown %26 #9, and Padron 1926 Maduro. Try one of those for a real cigar!
A in Allentown, PA September 3, 2013
"Ok smoke"
This was a nice smoke. I had it in my humidor for a while and didn t grab it earlier because I m not a huge fan of square pressed cigars. While it burned well, and the draw was smooth and consistent, I was underwhelmed by by the taste. My next RP will be The Edge.
Peter G in Forest Hills May 17, 2013
"Go-to Smoke"
This is my Go-to smoke for many reasons. It is very consistent and has a solid draw throughout. The burn may be the best part, because it burns slowly but always draws well. Creamy medium flavor, without any real spice, but I like it. It is my favorite bang for the buck cigar. If I am ever sharing with folks, they have never been disappointed by the 1990 Vintage.
Mark in Maryland March 8, 2013
"The Best!"
I would buy these any time at any price. If you like smooth, creamy, richly flavored cigars that you can enjoy consistently, cigar after cigar without any burn issues. You will never be disappointed with this one.
El Jefe in Warren, PA March 1, 2013
"not a newbie"
got this cigar with the medium bodied sampler #8.... let it sit in at 70/70 environment for a week... not impressed at all. dry, nothing impressive. it had flavors, but it was overidden with dry. I hope the next one is better. wouldn't buy again.
circadianswing in Los Angeles February 27, 2013
I first smoked this cigar in Nuke school in South Carolina. It is one of the few cigars that I actually remember being so good! It made a great first impression and has become one of my favorites. I have a box coming to my ship now and cant wait for 'em
Marshal M in USS PELELIU January 27, 2013
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