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Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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My favorite cigar.
Scott in USA September 27, 2011
"One of RP's better ones"
I've been disappointed with many of Rocky's cigars, so I wasn't expecting much from the 92. Surprise! A very nice medium bodied smoke with a great flavor that gets better in the second half. Perfect burn, nice ash and a great aroma. Not my favorite Rocky, but better than most I've tried.
Jackson in California January 26, 2011
"Top of the heap!"
A long time favorite of mine the "R.P. Vintage 92", is an outstanding smoke. Earthy, nutty, sweet, spicy and all done to perfection. I would put this stick on my top 5 list. Always consistent and always delicious. No going wrong here......unless you don't try 'em.
K. Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. May 22, 2010
"A real fine cigar."
I would pit the "Rocky Patel Vintage 1992", against any cigar on the market today. Earthy, nutty, spicy, you know the rest, blah, blah, blah. That's not the story here. It's the way these flavor's meld together to bring you, a remarkably fine cigar. Just outstanding. If you have not tried them, go for it and if you have well you know what i'm talking about. Enjoy....later. Ouch, just burned my fingers on the nub.
K.Vito B. in Ca. May 17, 2010
"PERFECT 10, a 65 minute smoke"
It's the first perfect RP I've smoked. I have tried most of the other RP series and they have been disappointing-not this one. Wow!
RD in Atlanta February 24, 2010
"Great Cigar"
This cigar has never let me down. I strongly suggest trying this cigar, it has every great quality a cigar should have.
David in illinois November 14, 2009
"Rocky Patel Strikes Again!"
I am quickly becoming a great fan of Rocky's entire line. While I am a confirmed Padron addict, I find almost every Patel to be chock full of flavor without being overpowering. Such is the case with the Vintage 1992. I think the 1990's are terrific, as well. As with all of Rocky's selections, the construction is superb. Don't know how they do it on such a consistent basis. Draw is good, not the best. Delicious aroma. This cigar, while not as full and satisfying as the 1990 Maduro, is a blast with a cup of coffee. Try these babies and the 1990's -You will be very pleased.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 8, 2009
"Fantastic Stick"
Smooth and creamy. Excellent finish. Haven't tried all of RP's sticks yet, but to date this one is second only to Honduran Classic Maduro in my book.
Cliff in OK November 3, 2008
"Cadillac DeVille"
Truly wonderful smoking experience. The burn was clean and smooth, the aroma exumes the smoker into a pleasant relaxing place the mind desires to wander into. the construction is superb with even burning and the draw is excellent and smooth. one of the world s finest maduro smoking experiences on the market. Aboslutely wonderful smoking experience with a bouquet of flavours from expresso to hints of caramel and hazelnet. Awesome cigar, one of RP's finest to date.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 11, 2008
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