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Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Cadillac DeVille"
Truly wonderful smoking experience. The burn was clean and smooth, the aroma exumes the smoker into a pleasant relaxing place the mind desires to wander into. the construction is superb with even burning and the draw is excellent and smooth. one of the world s finest maduro smoking experiences on the market. Aboslutely wonderful smoking experience with a bouquet of flavours from expresso to hints of caramel and hazelnet. Awesome cigar, one of RP's finest to date.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 11, 2008
"The best tasting cigar so far"
Im new to the cigar world and came across a sweet deal of 29.99 for 10 so I thought id give it a try. Im regretting I didn't buy more. If it was possible to fall in love with a cigar this is the one. The whitest ash ive ever seen, smooth to the end and consistant. Smells like chocolate covered cherrys
rob in florida March 3, 2008
"Spoil Yourself"
Got this guy in a sampler pack auction, two to be exact. The sampler with humidor "Famous Traveler 16" pack I bought was filled with good cigars, from the Carlos Torano Silver, to the Griffin's, but this baby was the best. They are reasonable in price, but phenominal in quality. Excellent wrap, presentation, burn and flavor. My punch went through smooth as silk, and ironically that's how I can liken the taste. It was a silky smooth, creamy and complex smoke with hints of cocoa, earthy tobacco, and a hint of caramel. These will always been in my humidor, they've made a buyer out of me.
M. Smookler in PA July 13, 2007
"Perfect After Dinner Smoke"
I've previously enjoyed the RP 1990's for a couple of years and ordered the RP sampler a few months back. Smoked a '92 fresh and found it had nice taste as the '90s but had just a bit of a bite to it. Well I've had them in my humidor for a couple of months and now it smokes just beautifully. Very smooth for such a deep flavor. I'm hoping that the extremely harsh Cuban Blend comes around; I'm giving them a full year.
Gregg in Concord, NH April 13, 2007
"whats a good sign of a great cigar?"
O.K.for me, it's for 1) the taste, 2) the draw, 3) the burn, of course, if you have good draw and burn the construction must be good, as well as appearance, 4)consistency, meaning each and every cigar should be the same, now I have found all of this in the Vintage 1992's and there is this as well (which is, to me a surprise and I'm not sure how it would be rated) I can not smoke in my house it is my wifes only request since I refuse to quit smoking cigars, so I smoke on the front porch, so I go out tonite and light up a R.P. Vint. 1992,I get about 3 puffs between each commercial break, which is a little less then 1 minute between puffs, (I prefer at least 1 minute but I'm also fond of prime time T.V. so I push it) but the thing that has really pleased me about this is that when I got back out approx. 8 to 9 minutes later I find the cigar still burning! and burning even at that, now this is the 4th or 5th of these that I have smoked and they have all been the same except this 1 or any other cigar brand I have smoked, don't remember any cigar still being lit for more then a couple minutes, so I get my 3 puffs and go back in to the boob tube, now this time I timed it 9 minutes, I got out pick up the gar and yep still lit, and the ash is now 1 inch long, thats a great cigar! o.k. my 9 minutes is up going out for more!
John M Cascone in MO February 22, 2007
"very smooth and great burning"
One of the finest cigars I ever had. I now send them to all my cigar smoking clients and they all enjoy them.
J Barreiro in NY December 18, 2006
WOW what a smoke. For the money or not a great cigar.
Bill in Reno NV December 1, 2006
"Good, but not a new favorite"
Dark wrapper, slightly veined, handsome presentation, box pressed, firm draw, firm cap notched perfectly. Starts spicy, rich and dry, with a nutty aftertaste and an even burn. Very nice secondary aroma. Gets more leathery and stronger. Complex at first, then got even stronger and lost some of the flavor. Not quite as good as I hoped nor as outstanding as the reviews I've read. To each his own, I guess. Certainly a good cigar.
Overworked in CA April 29, 2006
When I bent my neck, I didn't have anything to do. Thank God Rocky Patel saved me from probably sinking into depression. Hints of leather and wood made me rise like a phoenix. I now own 6 Subway franchises. SOLD
Candy Pipesmith in Norway March 26, 2006
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