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Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Toro Reviews [view details]

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Wonderfully smooth. Great, complex taste thoughout the smoke! Never harsh or bitter. Great smooth draw. Great ash and plenty of rich smoke. Perfect burn. I always nub these out and finish satisfied I just experienced an exceptional cigar. I just ordered another box of these delights to treat myself to an end of day reward. Goes great with Flora de Cana 12 year rum. Enjoy!!
Gary in Covina, California June 17, 2012
"Simply fantastic!!"
This is just an amazing smoke with complex flavors and a great finish. I would highly recommend this to all, worth every cent!
Mark S in Texas March 30, 2011
"GREAT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I was skeptical at first due to RP's popularity, but it lived up to it's reviews!!!!
Matt Wilson in Shawnee, KS May 12, 2009
"Yes, yes,yes!!!"
What a good cigar. Evsn burn, good draw, 1.5" ash very good taste. What more could You ask for???
Steve in Texas April 28, 2009
"Very Nice"
This RP 1992 Toro has been resting in my humidor for 2 months. This is 10 year old Ecudorian wrapper I think and 5 year old filler and binder out of Nicaragua and the DM. I understand that Rocky came across this 10 and 12 year old wrapper that had been stashed away by another cigar comapny that went belly up. I have also smoked the 1990 toro vintage and it is extraordinary. IMO, the 1992 blend is also very good. The wrapper makes the difference between the 2 vintages. I nubbed this and was looking for the tweezers.
litedave in Louisiana January 23, 2009
"Not what I was expecting"
Bought one of these in a build your own sampler last week. This is a great-looking, perfectly constructed cigar. I found the draw to be on the tight side. The flavor started out nice and smooth as reported but after about 2/3rds of the stick it abruptly turned harsh and hot and I couldn't finish it. Maybe I got a bad one?
Josh in St. Louis August 26, 2008
By far, the vintage series by Rocky Patel, is the best hands down cigar in my humidor. Price per stick and the even burn insures that you always get the most for your money.
Jerry Lynn in Anywhere I park it USA December 27, 2006
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