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Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 Perfecto Reviews [view details]

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I got a box of these little RP Vintage 1999's in auction for just over half price. Given the reviews I was expecting a lot. It doesn't deliver. What we have here is a typical RP OMG strong cigar with an expensive CT wrapper. Fine for some, not for me.
ROTHNH in Midcoast September 23, 2008
"shorties i can get into"
hehe.... just for kicks i bought these little ladies on auction on the cheap. I admit i had a blonde moment when trying to figure out which end to light... i had to laugh as it was funny at the time. After lighting up, i was surprized by the crisp clean taste. I mean folks thses little beauties are smooth as smooth can get. the flavor is earthy,creamy,and just plain good. The burn on the other hand was a disapointment from the other RP brands/styles i have smoked. The burn started to run like a track star running sprints.... had to flame it to even it out(was not amused by this at all).Once i got the burn even all was well from there on. Since i got a box i hope the bad burn is only a one time instance, if not, it may keep me from buying more of these great tasting mellow smokes. These are a good stick other than the burn. The flavor is great and very enjoyable. The ash is firm,white, and dropped only after i was almost finished with it. One of the best qualities about the 1999 Perfecto is that it is ideal,in a setting where you have a limited time to smoke. I'll probably be trying the other 1999 vintage in perhaps a toro or churchill to see if they burn different and retain the flavour, and smooth draw. try these as an impulse, or a 5pk if you can. the flavor is worth it....
D. Tennant in winter haven August 16, 2008
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