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Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Nice surprise"
Not typically a big Patel fan, but in search of cigars while outta town recently I had a really bad selection to choose from, so I went with what was at least familiar. That was a two pack of the Toro Connecticut and a maduro 1999. While stronger cigars are my go to variety, lately I ve been trying a milder cigar just for variety. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Perfect burn, perfect construction and the flavor while mild to medium at most, was very nice. Tons of smoke, a bit of spice on the palate and overall very enjoyable. It was a nice surprise. I d rate it close to 90.
Kirch in St. Louis November 14, 2014
"Greatness is discovered"
Great Stick, I am a complete Beginner when it comes to smoking cigars but after consecutive days having a Brickhouse, Diamond Crown JC, %26 this last week. The Rocky gets two Thumbs up and will become a staple in my Humi from now on.
Jesse in Tampa May 12, 2014
"My favorite cigar so far!"
I am still a novice cigar enthusiast, but so far the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 is my favorite smoke. I bought a few at my local shop and myself and my friends tried them for New Years. We all really enjoyed the smooth easy smoke and taste of these cigars. Once you get to the middle of the cigar, you don t want to put it down. I will be trying many cigars, but I am going to keep some of these stocked at all times in my humidor.
Keith in Dallas January 21, 2014
need i say more..
Joshua in San Diego July 28, 2012
"Best of the mixed classic sampler"
I bought the "9 Masters Sampler" recently. Seven of the "masters" have now been smoked and the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT so far is this RP. Man my mouth waters to taste it again. I am finding though that the stronger styles are not my pick, and everyone has different taste - but to me this is heaven in a stick.
Dan S in Albury Australia June 11, 2012
"The perfect Robusto smoke"
what a pleasure to open this box of 20 Rockys, great presentation and colour and a lovely flavoursome smoke, just perfect with a glass of cognac
Trevor J in Rutland, England April 4, 2012
"Mellow & Mild"
CT wrapper works well on this one. A big winner. I'd smoke five a day if I could.
KK in Greenwich, CT February 24, 2012
"Mild but delicious flavor!"
I love this cigar. It's mild, creamy, buttery, almost almond flavored. It's just fantastically smooth and gets better and better with every draw. One of my all time favorites!
Mark in USA April 14, 2011
"Changed my mind!"
Always a Habano, Maduro smoker, I just never liked a Connecticut wrapper. Low and behold, here it is. A "real" natural cigar. NO COMPLAINTS. Fantastic smoke. Start to finish. The only thing I didn't like about it. It had to end. Real eye opener!
LeftyJ in Leah, GA March 5, 2011
"King of Mellow"
This is the one that brought me back to cigar smoking. As an earlier reviewer described, toasty/nutty full flavor at the front, creamy smooth leathery goodness on the back. Regarding the gentleman that wrote he was disappointed because this was another "OMG strong" Rocky cigar, I'm pretty sure he had another cigar in mind when he wrote that and not the 1999. It is the embodiment of creamy smoothness.
in November 21, 2010
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10 Construction (91) 100
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