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Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 Toro Reviews [view details]

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The wrapper was extremely bitter and I had to put it out about a quarter way through. The smoke output was good, but the bitterness of the wrapper was too overpowering
matt in boca raton September 8, 2011
"Better then the Edge Lite if you like a mild smoke"
This was my first 1999 and I have to agree with some reviews I've read, it is on the bitter side but has good flavor over all. I found it slightly more pleasant then the Edge Lite however. The draw backs for me: Bitterness and very uneven burn. But once you get about half way, the burn becomes more consistent and once your are finished, the after tasted was surprisingly good despite the bitter smoke.
Tom R in Albuquerque, NM January 17, 2011
"(( Bland ))"
The Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro Cigar, is a nice looking cigar with a smooth vainless Connecticut wrapper, that supports a nice white ash. This cigar has a green grassy, and hay taste, throughout the the burn, witch leads to rather dull uneventful tasting cigar. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this cigar a 3.5
Robb in Michigan June 7, 2010
"Beautiful to smoke, but a bit shy on the flavor"
This was a beautiful cigar; what everyone craves and few makers can produce. The wrapper was flawless, the cigar smoked beautifully right down to the nub. No relights or fixes. It was a bit on the light side; Macanudo light. I won't hesitate to try some other RP's but this was certainly a beginners cigar.
Brian in Kentucky November 11, 2007
"BITTER !!!"
Great aroma,excellent burn but leaves a bitter after taste, I thought it might be the blend but at this point im not sure because all of the light wrapper RP'S have left a bitter after taste and its very disapointing because I really like the aroma of the rockys , I guess im going to have to stick to the edge only, because so far its the only rockey that dosent leave that nastey after taste with the exception of the rp cuban blend that lost the bitterness after it sat in my humidor for a couple of weeks.
The Factor in Beaverton Oregon June 20, 2007
"Rocky Rules"
This is a great smoke. I can't seem to fine fault with any of Rocky's smokes and this Vintage 1999 is no exception. The burn was perfect. The taste was mild yet very flavorfull and left a great after taste in your mouth. I smoked it to the nub! Worht every penny!
Bill in Connecticut March 27, 2007
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