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Rocky Patel Xtreme Reviews

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Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"WOW! Great Smoke"
Got in a sampler pack. Glad I read the reviews before lighting up. Rolled the cigar a little to loosen up. Had a perfect dram,perfect burn,no rights or touch up!!! Nice smoke,wonderful flavor!! Will order now since their on special!! jetdrves review was spot on!
JAMES SR in Sacramento Ca June 13, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"Pleasant Smoke"
The Xtreme is a nice relaxing smoke great burn perfect ash and draw.Could be a touch more fuller in the flavor department but would never kick this girl outta bed.
Dusty in Maple Valley June 1, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"Rich and delicious..."
This one will crank you up. Full flavored is an understatement. The great wrapper only adds to the desirability of this smoke. I want more.
jetdrvr in Central Florida April 16, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Toro
"Great cigar for the price"
I have purchased 5 boxes of Xtreme Toros. Maybe I got lucky, but they have all been good smokes. Maybe a handful were a tough draw, but the majority burned and smoked very well for me. I will continue to purchase these cigars. For the price they are a great daily smoke.
Keith in Hagerstown, MD April 9, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Toro
"Wound Too Tight and it isn't me!!!"
Loved the taste of these that came in a sampler so ordered a box of Toro's. Like sucking a tennis ball through a garden hose. Too bad. A couple that weren't too tight were fine, but a lot them I had to throw away. For the most part I love Rocky Patel's stogies.
Michael T in Stockton California March 18, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Churchill
"A Winner"
Have yet to be disapointed by an RP product. This great looking and smooth tasting cigar was a more than what I had hoped for. Sorry I ordered only 10, they will be gone next week. Nice oily wrapper and a first class burn. Woodsy prelight with some great flavors showing up as soon as the burn begins. Just a hint of pepper to keep it interesting. Can't really compare it to any current RP offering, this cigar will fool you, in a good way.
Big Smoke Dan in Hampton VA November 9, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"Nice cigar"
Nice cigar, especially with the special offer attached to it. Burns well, full flavor, nice smoke after a long day.
Dave S in Scottsdale, AZ October 11, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Toro
"An Excellent way to spend a Saturday Afernoon"
Sit Back relax with a cool Octoberfest Beer. Light up an Xtreme Sumatra and turn on the game. Not to Strong, not to weak. A prefect blend of peppery spice, woody and a hint of coffee. Great stick for the money!
Larry S in Ankeny Iowa September 30, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"Great smoke"
I picked up a box of these on a whim when it was on sale. I, personally, love a nice Sumatra wrapper, and this cigar didn't disappoint. It is a very cool smoke, with hints of espresso and pepper. It is subtly sweet, but also packs a heap of woody flavor that persists throughout the cigar. The flavor is just right for me. The only problem that I have with this cigar is tight draws and plugs. I've smoked about 5 of these, and of those 1 was fairly tight and another was too plugged to smoke. I gave the rest of my cigars a squeeze test and they all seem fine, maybe I'm just unlucky. I guess the bottom line for this cigar is that it is great , not exceptional. I plan on buying another box in the near future.
Alex in Midwest September 8, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Robusto
"Very Nice"
The prelight is very woody...some cocoa..but I really like the wood...reminds me of fresh cut wood done in large amounts. You can even smell the sap. The wrapper is delightful. The reddish hued shimmery glow makes it very appetizing. Construction is superb except for lots of small veins. The early woody taste is really driving the boat on this one. I'm beginning to taste some caramel, some sweetness that comes from butter. It's medium body. The halfway point is usually where the cigar begins to show off. But it takes the first half to get there. This inexpensive cigar has all the attributes of a more expensive cigar. Care was taken when developing it. It gives off the the character of a well aged cigar....meaty and possessing the "X" Factor. I could easily find myself buying a box and letting it age and see where that takes us.
Katmancross in Midwest August 10, 2011
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