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Rocky Patel Xtreme Sumatra Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Good smoke"
I like these. Draw is just right, plenty of smoke, great taste and great aroma. They do require a lot of touch ups and have a problem with tunneling. Too distracting for me to smoke while driving. Best enjoyed when relaxing to maintain the lite.
Frank in Maryland June 11, 2014
My humidor is half filled with RP sticks. This thing tunneled straight down the core halfway through the cigar before I could even ash it. I clipped it in half hoping to save it but the burn continued to jet down the center. I hope to have better luck with the next, 0 for 1 so far.
Lance A in Burlington, Vt. December 12, 2012
"Great cigar for the price"
I have purchased 5 boxes of Xtreme Toros. Maybe I got lucky, but they have all been good smokes. Maybe a handful were a tough draw, but the majority burned and smoked very well for me. I will continue to purchase these cigars. For the price they are a great daily smoke.
Keith in Hagerstown, MD April 9, 2012
"Wound Too Tight and it isn't me!!!"
Loved the taste of these that came in a sampler so ordered a box of Toro's. Like sucking a tennis ball through a garden hose. Too bad. A couple that weren't too tight were fine, but a lot them I had to throw away. For the most part I love Rocky Patel's stogies.
Michael T in Stockton California March 18, 2012
"An Excellent way to spend a Saturday Afernoon"
Sit Back relax with a cool Octoberfest Beer. Light up an Xtreme Sumatra and turn on the game. Not to Strong, not to weak. A prefect blend of peppery spice, woody and a hint of coffee. Great stick for the money!
Larry S in Ankeny Iowa September 30, 2011
"Rocky what happened!!"
I'm a huge Rocky Patel guy love the Vintage Series,The Edge, OWR and Decade are some of the best smokes out there. This Xtreme blend is another story. The construction of this cigar is typical RP style but thats where the good ends. The draw is terrible, it burned on one side through out the smoke. Strong smoke with decent flavor but to much work. Bottom line the worse RP I've ever had.
Chuck in Baltimore, MD April 22, 2011
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